Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Guide: Where to Find Spare Doses

Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Guide: Where to Find Spare Doses
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Katey needs Zombrex every 24 hours to avoid succumbing to the infection from her bite, so Chuck needs to get busy and track down multiple doses of the drug. The medicine can be bought from the in-game pawn shops, but for a steep price. Our Dead Rising 2: Free Zombrex guide will outline where Chuck can get his hands on some free, hidden Zombrex. There are nine free zombrex doses in total; five are scattered throughout the city, and four are rewarded for completing side missions.

Dead Rising 2: Free Zombrex Stashes

  • Zombrex 1

    Chuck & Katey

    Location: Royal Flush Plaza, Roy’s Mart
    Description: You will find this dose in the back office of the pharmacy during the first story mission. Can’t be missed.

  • Zombrex 2
    Location: Americana Casino, Bennie Jack’s BBQ Shack
    Description: Go to the 2nd floor of the restaurant. Jump across the series of hanging square-shaped lights until reaching a platform. This ledge has some cash and a dose of Zombrex.

  • Zombrex 3
    Location: Slot Ranch Casino, Stage
    Description: In the middle of the casino there is a stage. Go backstage, and hop up onto the black storage crates along the back wall. Jump to the small stack of giant dice; across a gap will be another black storage crate with the Zombrex on it.

  • Zombrex 4
    Location: Yucatan Casino
    Description: In the center of the casino there is a “Lucky Marble” game. Climb up the side of the game, and leap to an elevated hexagonal platform nearby that houses the Zombrex.

  • Zombrex 5
    Location: Underground
    Description: In the southeast portion of the underground tunnels, near the entrance to the secret laboratory encountered late in the story missions. Will be found next to a vehicle.

Dead Rising 2: Free Zombrex from Side Missions

  • Zombrex 6


    Case: “Code Blue”
    Time: Day 1, 10 p.m.
    Location: Silver Strip, One Little Duck Bingo
    Description: Escort the paramedic back to the safe house. Once he is secure, he will hand over some Zombrex.

  • Zombrex 7
    Case: “Mail Order Zombrex”
    Time: Day 2, 11 p.m.
    Location: Royal Flush Plaza, The Man’s Sport
    Description: You will need to fight and kill the psychopath Carl in this side mission; doing so will yield another dose of Zombrex. A detailed guide on taking Carl down can be found here.

  • Zombrex 8
    Case: “Hunger Pains”
    Time: Day 3, 2 a.m.
    Location: Platinum Strip, Dining at Davey’s
    Description: You’ll find Richard in the diner, and he won’t accompany Chuck until he is given some food. Hand over any food you can get your hands on, any kind will do, then lead him back to the safe house. Once there, he will fork over Zombrex.

  • Zombrex 9
    Case: “Demand and Supply”
    Time: Day 3, 9 p.m.
    Location: Safe House
    Description: The paramedic rescued in “Code Blue” will be hanging out in the cafeteria. Bring him the alcohol he requests, and he’ll trade you more Zombrex.