Crysis Enemies Guide: The Soldiers and Aliens You'll Face

Crysis Enemies Guide: The Soldiers and Aliens You'll Face
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Playing through the sci-fi FPS Crysis, you’ll come up against various enemies intent on putting your lights out permanently. This guide will give you a heads up about the soldiers and aliens you will be fighting and how best to kill them. If you find you’re really struggling, why not try out some cheats for Crysis.

North Korean People’s Army

The vast majority of fodder for your murderous rampage will be made up of those no good North Koreans. Led by the evil General Kyong, they will not give up the island easily, and you’re going to have waste a bucket load of these guys to get through the game.

Normal Troops

The basic troops are equipped with a wide variety of weapons and you’ll often find them in groups. They are usually armed with pistols, FY71s, shotguns, or sniper rifles. As with most FPS games, head shots are the best way to take them down quickly. Otherwise you’ll probably need multiple shots and that will alert their buddies nearby. The game is best played stealthily, so scope out the situation before you wade in; they often take up covering positions and patrol around set routes. By observing and choosing the right moment or using stealth kills, you’ll find them easy to deal with, and they only really represent a threat in large numbers. Use your cloak and watch carefully, as their camouflage often does a good job of hiding them.

Nano Troops

That’s right, the Koreans have their own version of the Nano suit. And while it may not be as good as yours, these soldiers still represent a much greater threat than their basic counterparts. They tend to carry sniper rifles and sometimes miniguns, and they are fast, strong, and much harder to kill. You won’t have to face too many of them, as only Kyong and his elite guard have got the suits. But when you do come across them, make them your priority target.



Alien Trooper

Floaty tentacled alien scouts are a bit like helicopters, and they’ll fire ice shards at you or rip you apart with their tentacles. They’ve got metal bodies, are hard to damage from long range, and move really fast. The best policy is to let them get in close and blow them away with the shotgun. Of course, the missile launcher and minigun will work nicely on them too. Watch out however, because they can self-detonate when they get near death.

Alien Ectomorph

These ugly critters are only encountered when you board the alien ship and they aren’t too friendly. You can sneak past most of them, but if you do engage them in combat, you’ll find they can fire ice shards at you from a distance or charge for a melee attack, which will knock your head off in an instant. They are fast and the lack of gravity suits them so be careful.

Alien Hunters

These guys are the toughest nasties you’ll encounter - apart from bosses - and they look like big spiders or maybe floating octopi. They are fast, they fire ice shards and a freeze ray, and if they get close those tentacles will make mince meat out of you. They can hurl vehicles and they tend to roar when they are about to attack. Just dodge around and empty everything you have into them, the missile launcher works best.