Crysis Weapons Guide: Unarmed Combat and Basic Guns

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Crysis may be a sci-fi game set in the future, but - apart from your Nano suit - the equipment you are using is mostly old school weapon technology. There aren’t really any guns here that stand out from the FPS norm, but in case you are wondering what to use, here’s a rundown of the weaponry you can get your hands on.


It is worth mentioning that you don’t need any weapons at all. If you activate Strength mode, you can punch enemies to death. You can also have a lot of fun picking up objects in the environment and throwing them to cause damage. Of course if you don’t take out your target the first time, you will get shot so be careful.


Pistol - The pistol is your basic weapon in every FPS, and it is handy when you are looking to conserve the ammo for your top guns. In Crysis if you pick up a second pistol off a corpse, then you can dual wield them, which is always cool. Clips hold 20 rounds and you can also get a silencer, which makes the pistol a decent stealth option.

SCAR - This is your standard assault rifle. It’s lightweight, powerful, and can be fitted with all sorts of nifty accessories. Sadly there isn’t much ammo available for it, but it does feature a rapid fire rate, emptying clips of 40 rounds in record time.

FY71 - This is the Korean assault rifle which you’ll inevitably use a lot because there’s plenty of ammo for it. You can fit it with a grenade launcher, flashlight, silencer, and sniper scope. It has a single fire option too. It takes clips of 30 rounds but it doesn’t pack much of a punch.

Shotgun - Now you’re talking! The shotgun is a close range weapon capable of felling an elephant. There’s plenty of ammo, and you get eight rounds of pump action goodness before you have to reload. Of course, it is totally useless at long range.

Submachine Gun - The SMG is nice at short to mid range for peppering the enemy with bullets. It packs 50 rounds and you can tag on a laser targeting system, reflex sight, flashlight, and a silencer.

Sniper Rifle - Crysis calls it a Precision Rifle, but it’s a standard sniper rifle that takes ten rounds. It is accurate from any range and it will drop your target, but it’s slow to reload and you can’t silence it.

Gauss Rifle - This is an electromagnetic weapon that works at any range but remains powerful at extreme long distances, thanks to the accelerating projectiles which will rip through anything. Naturally it only take 5 rounds, you get hardly any ammo for it, and it doesn’t pop up until late in the game.

Missile Launcher - Always fun, the shoulder mounted missile launcher is a familiar weapon. It comes with three missiles and you can use it to take out a helicopter or tank. It also has the Half-Life after aim functionality, so keep holding down the trigger and point it at the target after firing and it will swerve to hit.

Minigun - If you need to mow down a crowd, then nothing else will do but the minigun. It’s useless for any other purpose though, as it is heavy, slow to start up, and very inaccurate. It will fire 500 rounds in lightning speed, but it pops up late and you won’t really be able to move with it unless you activate Strength mode.

Molecular Accelerator - A mad alien gun that fires high speed ice shards, if you hold the trigger down, it will overheat and jam up.

Molecular Arrestor - You can upgrade the Accelerator so that it fires an icy blast wave that’ll freeze anything it touches. Then you can shatter the target with a pistol shot. It doesn’t overheat either which makes it great.

TAC Launcher - You only get this right at the end of the game, but it does pop up in the multiplayer too. It fires a tactical nuke for serious overkill and will happily wipe out an area.


C4 - Charges you can place and remote detonate to blow up whatever you want.

Anti-Vehicle Mine - You can shoot them or throw things at them to set them off. They can also be used for setting traps and they will, as the name suggests, take out enemy vehicles.

Claymores - Anti-personnel mines that you can only get in multiplayer.

Frag Grenades - Good luck catching enemies with these; mostly they’ll scatter before the grenade goes off, but if you want to set up a duck shoot they can be handy.

Smoke Grenades - They’ll flush the enemy out and provide cover, but you don’t come across them very often.

Flashbangs - Great if you want to blind the enemy before you shoot him in the head.

Nano Disrupter Grenade - This is just for multiplayer, and it will temporarily deactivate any Nano suit in the blast radius, which can be useful.