Crysis 2 Demo Analysis & Crysis 2 Release Information

Crysis 2 Demo Analysis & Crysis 2 Release Information
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Crysis 2 Demo Impressions

The recently released Crysis 2 demo sported some multiplayer action for both Xbox 360 and PC users. With the original PC only title heralded as a graphical masterpiece, Crysis 2 is moving onto consoles, utilising a fully upgraded CryEngine 3. The move to console platforms is what stands out the most with the Crysis 2 release and the demo allows players to get a handle on whether the transition to this frontier is a positive step for the burgeoning series. This article looks at the Crysis 2 demo and provides some analysis on what it has to offer both veterans of and newcomers to the series.

In the Crysis 2 demo, players can play two different game modes, with each taking place on the new map Skyline. The first of the two modes is referred to as “Team Instant Action”, amounting to a cut-and-dry team deathmatch scenario. In comparison to this simple and effective mode, players can choose to engage in what is termed “Crash Site”, an amalgamation of both king of the hill and territory game types. Both modes are familiar to the avid multiplayer focused gamer and are easily enjoyable without too much investment.

What’s In The Crysis 2 Demo

The Instant Action mode is an easy way to assess the relevant gameplay mechanics of the Crysis 2 demo and serves as a great introduction to the game. The Skyline map showcases the new future-urban setting of the game while allowing for some environment destruction during play. Both greenhouses and glass doors are destructible; helping to alter the map in real time a la Battlefield: Bad Company. Aside from this dynamic structural damage, the Skyline map features a two story gym – equipped with multiple treadmills and some funky discotheque – and some solar panelled rooftops.

Players familiar with the Call of Duty game type Headquarters will adjust well to the Crash Site mode. With players vying for a moving territory, the constantly evolving battlefield makes for a faster paced and exciting experience. The Call of Duty similarities don’t end there, as the game contains some persistent levelling and loadout options also. It feels like a coagulation of both Modern Warfare’s pioneering system as well as the aesthetic look and quickened process of something akin to Halo: Reach.

Crysis 2 Release Information & Final Demo Thoughts

Crysis 003

This ode to other console shooters is a bit jarring but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In order to broach the new market, it seems that Crytek has developed a game that can appeal to a bigger audience. The Crysis 2 demo implicitly derives many of its new multiplayer mechanics off of successful console properties. Additions like the urban setting, perk-like powers and a new loadout screen further this notion, but don’t detract too much from the experience.

Although the Crysis 2 release may suffer from its iterative nature, the graphical prowess as well as the fidelity (in a manner reminiscent of Killzone) of its controls will likely attract first-person shooter fans. Either way, on both console and PC, Crysis 2 will no doubt find its stride in the multiplayer FPS market. If you’re particularly interested in the new urban setting and looking for a well produced modern shooter, then try the Crysis 2 demo and see if it holds up to your console playing standards.