Crysis 2 Preview - 360/PS3/PC

Crysis 2 Preview - 360/PS3/PC
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Pushing Boundaries - Crysis 2 Preview

When developer Crytek released Crysis for the PC back in 2007, gamers were in awe after taking a look at the rich visuals and experiencing the rock solid first-person shooter gameplay. Here we are just a couple of years later, and Crytek is back to work and ready to launch a follow-up to the successful FPS in March. This time around, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners will also be able to get their hands on the game, and despite the PC being even more of a graphical powerhouse than the other two home consoles, Microsoft and Sony’s gaming machines have nothing to be ashamed of as Crysis 2 is already shaping up to be one of the best-looking shooters around.

It’s an Urban Jungle Out There

New York is a jungle alright.

Crysis 2 moves away from the lush green jungle locales that its predecessor beautifully portrayed and takes place in a desolate New York environment. The whole thing has this look of isolation, and Crytek has stated that New York was chosen as the setting for Crysis 2 because of its emotional background. Additionally, the city portrays an urban jungle that may not be filled to the brim with tall trees and greenery but certainly looks appealing with its massive buildings, tattered streets, and fog-laden skyline.

Crysis 2 Gameplay

Crysis 2 provides thrilling combat that is fast, fun, and varied.

You play as Alcatraz, the new protagonist that is rumored to be Nomad from the first Crysis. You can once again explore your environments and engage in sidequests, and with New York as the game world, you can bet there will be plenty to see and do. Combat is multifaceted and allows for everything from close quarters melee to long-range shooting. Throughout the course of the game you engage in a variety of different battles. Sometimes combat will put you face-to-face against a giant enemy alien. Other times you’ll have to deal with an onslaught of foes in action-packed gunfights.

Once again, you have the ability to upgrade your nanosuit. You can improve stats for power, stealth, strength, and vision, but you can also do a little personalized stat management. This should be pretty interesting, but Crytek has yet to go into details regarding this aspect of the game, so it’s best not to speculate on how deep this element will be.

Crysis 2 Gameplay - Multiplayer

You can engage in a number of cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

Crytek is making sure that just as much effort and attention goes into the multiplayer gameplay of Crysis 2 as the game’s single-player campaign. With a team of over 70 people working on the multiplayer aspect of the game, you can rest assured that Crytek plans on providing deep and compelling modes for gamers to sink their teeth into when the game launches. The game features six different multiplayer modes including deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture-the-flag variations.

The multiplayer in Crysis 2 is fast, frantic, and frenetic. There’s a constant sense of urgency, and the game’s high-octane pacing makes for a multiplayer design that can be hectic in a satisfying way. Winning matches awards you with experience points that are used to upgrade your weapons and armor, and as you play, you can unlock more weapons and new upgrades for your suit.

Visual Design

The game offers a good amount of eye candy regardless of the platform you play it on.

Naturally, Crysis 2 looks amazing on the PC. The vast New York setting is captured magnificently, explosions look impressive, and character models are realistic and sleek. If you’re planning on getting the game on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you might be wondering if the visuals have been scaled down. While the PC version of the game is the most advanced visually, the developers have ensured that the other two iterations are still impressive and provide some of the best eye candy around.

Crysis 2 Preview - Don Your Nanosuit Once More

Get ready to visit a different New York.

There’s certainly been a lot of hype around Crysis 2, and rightfully so. The first game provided a memorable FPS experience on the PC, and now that the sequel is going to be available to a wider market, there’s plenty to be excited about. Crysis 2 is scheduled to launch for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on March 22. FPS fans, mark your calendars and watch out for this one.