Cheats and trainers in Company of heros, big head mode and other cheat commands

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Company of heroes is a strategy game developed by Relic Entertainment and set in World War II. In the game you control one of two armies and try to gain strong tactical positions which, as a result, can bring you more resources in order to fund your army.

You can use cheat-codes in the game by bringing up the console as usual, but they provide little help if you want to finish missions quickly. They mostly provide effects, such as big-head mode or fog of war. If you want to be able to finish your missions quickly then you will likely use trainers for the game, which provide help with unlimited manpower or munitions and other practical aspects.

Activating the developer console

You need the dev console in order to be able to input cheat commands. To do this you need to create a shortcut for the game, or use the existing shortcut on your desktop. To create a shortcut right-click on the ‘RelicCOH.exe’ file, found in the folder ‘Program Files/TBH/Company of Heroes’, and from the dropdown menu hover your mouse-pointer over ‘Send to desktop’ (7th from the bottom) and choose ‘Desktop (Send to desktop)’ from the menu which just appears.

Right-click on the shortcut for the game and click on ‘Properties’ found right at the bottom. Under the ‘Target’ heading and inside the quotes, enter ‘ –dev’ with the space. This will enable the developer console to satisfy your cheating needs.


taskbar_hide – Hides the taskbar

taskbar_show – Shows the taskbar

FOW_Toggle – This is helpful if you want to gain tactical advantage or surprise your enemies. It toggles a fog in the battle field when you wish.

setsimrate – This sets the speed of the game, which can cut waiting times if you hold a good position and are sure to win. Type in a number after the command to increase or decrease it. The normal value is 8

ee_bigheadmode – The flag is set either to 1 or 0 (after the command). The soldiers are suddenly affected by elephantiasis and gain massive heads.


If you wish to apply the trainers to the game you can find them here (bottom of the page):

These are able to help you with other things, as outlined in the introductory paragraph, and as usual, you can find the info documents included and a description of what each trainer does on the page.