Company of Heroes Cheats, Easter Eggs and Trainers

Company of Heroes Cheats, Easter Eggs and Trainers
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Enabling the Console

To enable the console for Company of Heroes cheats, you need to find the Company of Heroes shortcut – on your desktop or elsewhere – right click and select “Properties.” In the section named “Target” add the line “-dev” outside the target shortcut. For example this might look something like “C:\Games\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe” –dev. Make sure the “-dev” command is outside the quotes. After adding it, click OK and launch the game.

You can now access the console for the game by pressing CTRL, Shift and Tilde simultaneously (the ~ symbol) after which you can type in your cheats or commands. Remember to check where your tilde key is on your keyboard, as keyboard-layouts differ from country to country.


You can download trainers for the game at (see link at the end of the article) which allow you to get plenty of resources, units, fuel, munitions and anything which you need to win the game without trying very much. All these things will be in unlimited quantity with the trainer, so you don’t need to worry about early blocking or VP/SP capturing for your population cap and resources.

The latest trainers at the site can be only downloaded by full members, which means having to pay for a subscription in order to get full access. However, there are free versions of the trainers for the early versions of the game, specifically up to patch 2.300. You can also get a free trainer for the vanilla version of the game, in case you haven’t patched the game yet and want to try things out.

Have a look at the free patches available that work for your version of the game (references section) in case you don’t fancy paying for a cheathappens subscription. Lastly, you can’t use the trainers in multiplayer mode.

Console Commands

Re-read the section on how to enable the console in the game, if you need to, and bring up the console in-game. There are only a few console commands available for the game, and most aren’t really cheats; they will not allow you to get unlimited resources like the trainers, but commands like “simrate” allow you to slow the game down so you have more time to plan out your logistics.

You can also unlock all missions in the game by adding “-unlock_all_missions” to the game’s shortcut, much like shown above in the section for enabling the console. All you need to do is right-click on the Company of Heroes shortcut, find the “Target“ section and add the command outside the quotes.

Here are all the console commands for the game:

FOW_Toggle Used to disable the “Fog of War” effect, so you are able to look at the map without having uncovered territory with units.

setsimrate(x) Sets the game speed, where X represents a number (i.e. setsimrate (3)) and the default speed is 10.

taskbar_hide – Hides the Taskbar

taskbar_show – Shows the Taskbar

ee_bigheadmode(1/0) – Toggles the Big Head mode on (1) or off (0) if you want your infantry or units to look ridiculous.

restart – Restarts the game

abort – Aborts the game

statgraph() – Enables the “statgraph_channel” codes

statgraph_channel(“fps”) – Displays how many frames-per-second your game is running at, useful if you need to optimize your performance.

Message_Hide – Hides all incoming messages

Message_Show – Shows all incoming messages

CheatMod and Easter Eggs

The most notable easter eggs in the game, and perhaps the only ones since I’ve never heard of others, are the “EA sucks” and the “COH” engraved on the side of the allied Howitzers.

If you zoom in at the ally M2A1 Howitzer-units and the Allied machine-gun emplacements, you can see the COH acronym (Company of Heroes) written on the side. (You can build emplacements with engineers at the beginning of the game, and the Howitzer is available by selecting the infantry company commander.)

The “EA sucks” Easter egg is found on the ally’s Jeep units, written on the license-plate in “leet-speak” (it looks like 3A5UX5).

Eselschreck Unit in Worldbuilder

There also is a unit called “Eselschreck,” which is a donkey with mounted artillery. The use of mules was quite rare in WW2, though not unknown, mainly for mobilising artillery (i.e. 98th field artillery battalion). The unit in the game is quite funny, available in the worldbuilder, consisting of a mule with a Panzerschreck which does incredible damage.

You can also get the Eselschreck with the Cheatmod, which offers a number of Company of Heroes cheats (unlimited resources, upgrades etc.) and is available for free: check the links in the references section.