Company of Heroes

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    • Notable Mods For Company of Heroes
      Here are some popular mods for Company of Heroes, should you want to add new campaigns, new theatres or simply cheat your way through with an endless supply of resources.
    • Commands, Cheats and Trainer for Company of Heroes
      Playing COH, like any other RTS, is all about multitasking, meaning being able to quickly move multiple units scattered across the map while planning ahead. Inactive units are simply a waste of resources and don’t help you win. If all this clicking drives you mad, read on for how to cheat.
    • Company of Heroes: Cheats and trainers
      An article looking at which of the cheats are available for the ‘Company of heroes’ game, in case you want to ease your gaming experience.
    • Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor PC Video Game Review
      Developer Relic Entertainment didn't lie, single player fanatics can skip this game, but multiplayer gamers and online lovers should definitely check this title out. Company of Heroes is a solid introduction for gamers wanting to enlist in RTS or hardcore veterans returning to the front.
    • Company of Heroes Online Preview
      A preview of upcoming online RTS Company of Heroes Online focusing on the customization aspect of the game and how this will benefit the player.
    • Company of Heroes (PC Game Review)
      Company of Heroes is an awesome real-time strategy game set during World War II. You start out playing through the D-Day invasion, then fight your way through Europe using limited firepower and winning strategies to help the Allied soldiers beat the Nazis.