Review of Command and Conquer a Real-Time Strategy DOS Game by Westwood Studios

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Just One Word: Timeless (4 out of 5)

It all started with Dune and Dune 2, when Westwood tried to combine real-time strategy with adventure. Command and Conquer, grasped the ideas of Dune 2 and presented it in a more polished way, with better sound and graphics. Westwood tried its best and was successful in developing C&C different than its predecessors.

The Story (4 out of 5)

The game focuses on the war between two organizations, the GDI or Global Defense Initiative (a fictional organization similar to NATO) and Brotherhood of NOD, a terrorist organization. These two organizations are struggling to gain power in Eurasia. The Brotherhood of NOD has its main headquarters in Africa while the GDI has its main centers in America. The game centers on Tiberium, a strange plant discovered by scientists, which had some worthy and adverse properties. NOD has access to the plant and has an evil plan to gather tons of money to create a small army and rule the world. The sudden show of strength by NOD, especially its rapid growth in the continent of Africa has started to put an end to World peace. The Brotherhood of NOD wants the entire Europe and to stop it, western countries have formed the Global Defense Initiative. Now, it is up to the GDI to stop and destroy NOD by waging a war to reinstate World Peace.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Players have the option to select either GDI or NOD before playing campaign games. Both the organizations have different units and structures, including tanks, light infantry and artillery. GDI, being the strongest, has the ability to produce different army vehicles and units quicker than NOD. The game has more than 20 missions with 12 missions each, making it quite perfect in length.

Most missions allow gamers to build a base first and then build new structures and units. The most important structure is the tiberium refinery which has special harvesters that collect the tiberium plant and deliver it to the refinery. The plant is refined and converted into money which is then used to create barracks, power plant, missile silos, communications center and many other units including orcas (attack helicopters), flame tanks, mini tanks, grenadiers, gunners etc. Some missions will have only a small group of army units that players have to maneuver strategically to destroy the enemy base. The campaign mode has many levels that change depending on certain missions. While playing C&C, players can either select a single unit or multiple units by dragging the mouse and then attack at the enemy base camp by left-clicking on it.

Graphics and Sound (4 out of 5)

Command and Conquer is a DOS game, so you can expect VGA graphics. However, the graphics are quite raw and colorful, topped up with excellent sound. Whenever you click a unit, the unit acknowledges with a “yes sir” or “you got it”, or “awaiting orders”. The war cries are equally spine-chilling. The music is great and players can select their choice of music.

All in all, a good game which started a great series of real-time strategy games. I recommend playing this great game at least once.