Call of Duty 5 Zombies Tips And Tactics: Survival Strategy for Der Reise

Call of Duty 5 Zombies Tips And Tactics: Survival Strategy for Der Reise
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The First Waves

Surviving the first few waves of zombies is on Der Riese relatively easy. Keeping your team together is the most important thing, splitting everyone up means you will all eventually die.

During the first round shoot each zombie in the chest and cut them once with your knife to obtain maximum points. Next buy the Gewher 43 semi-automatic rifle.

When you get enough points you will be faced with the decision of either opening the doors on the right or left hand-side of the map. Always choose the right-hand side. You should also begin using the Random box now (the random box dispenses weapons randomly for points) until all players have a weapon that they are happy with.

If you use the random box and someone recieves aTeddy the box will then move to the corridor near the Trenchgun. Having only opened the doors on the right side of the map means that when you go to the random box’s new position the stairs beside the Juggernaught perk will still be closed, so the zombies can attack from fewer directions.

Buy the Juggernaut perk as soon as you can afford it. The perk increases your life, allowing you to take more hits from zombies and is essential to staying alive throughout the higher zombie levels.

For the first 12 rounds have all four players stay close to the Random box at its original position beside the electricity.

Don’t forget to keep using the Random box - you may not always be blessed with ammo and eventually eveyone on your team should have two weapons that they are satisfied with. The PPSH is a good choice for maximum points. Don’t trade the PPSH back if you can avoid it because it’s good even up until the higher rounds.

Getting Through The Tougher Waves


Don’t open the double doors marked Z-C behind the random box until you all have decent weapons or your team is under severe pressure.

When you do eventually open the Z-C doors, have all of the team go up onto the balcony. Stopping the zombies from getting onto the balcony is vital. Keep one player watching the window and two on the stairs. The fourth player should be a backup as a floater; going from the window to the stairs keeping the waves of zombies under control.

Weapons And Upgrading


The best weapons are generally the ones dispensed by the random box e.g. Ray Gun, MG 42, WunderWaffe. These are also the best weapons to upgrade, as they are already a lot stronger than the weapons you can buy from the walls.

If you find yourselves running low on ammo, and eventually you will, avoid the temptation of buying the nearest weapon; it will probably be much weaker than the one you’re using and in the long run get you killed. The best way to renew the entire teams ammo is quiet simple if you do it right.

At the end of the wave, hold the last zombie at a window, or, alternatively, incapacitate it by shooting it in the legs so it has to crawl. Have one team member distract the crawling zombie while the rest use the teleporter to get ammo. Have someone else distract the zombie while the final player gets ammo. It is important not to leave a crawling zombie unattended because it could easily sneak up on you when you return. Have someone put the zombie out of it’s misery and wait for the next wave to start.

If you find yourself at the start of a new round running out of ammo the best strategy is to buy the Trenchgun, if possible, upgrade it and get everyone to sit in the teleporter. The teleporter will kill all zombies that come close to it. Stay in the teleporter until the last zombie of the wave is crawling and renew your ammo.

The Team That Slays Together Stays Together

As with all the zombie maps, or any hoarde-type games staying together is much better than trying to go it alone. Call of Duty also offers the added bous of the last stand perk, which allows you to shoot nearby zombies from the ground before you die, with the added bonus of the zombies ignoring you while you are down. This perk means that you can help your teammates while they attempt to revieve you, and this is much easier if you’re already nearby.

Don’t expect to live for twenty rounds the first time you play Der Riese. This strategy will only be really helpful once you are familiar with the entire map and the weapons it has to offer.

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