Rifles, Guns, and More! The Best Class Layouts for Call of Duty 5

Rifles, Guns, and More! The Best Class Layouts for Call of Duty 5
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The Trouble with Call of Duty’s RPG System

Call of Duty 5, AKA World at War, is easily considered by many to be a marvel. It manages, despite being a First Person Shooter, in a long line of World War II First Person Shooters, to keep things fresh, utilizing the advantages of modern mechanics with systems such as flamethrowers, Tree climbing Japanese, and more.

The problem, or another interesting new feature, depending on your view, however, arises when you want the original Call of Duty Experience, or one that is typical of any standard FPS. You just get a gun, and jump right in.

Well, with World at War, and the recent Modern Warfare release prior, this all changed. Instead, the Multiplayer experience received a overhaul that added a strong element much like an MMORPG. Rather than jumping right in, you get a set of starter weapons, set advantages (known as perks), and the requirement to get experience in order to level up and unlock more advantages and weapons. This, unless you like MMOs like World of Warcraft, may not be your favorite gameplay mechanic. Another uncommon feature is to ‘build’ your character with a setup of perks and weapons for the best results when playing your favorite maps and modes.

To give you a hand, keep reading and I will label, based on my hours of fragging research in WaW, the best setups depending on your style (from SMG to Springfield), and your game mode (Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and more)

In order to unlock customizable Weapon - Perk slots, unabashedly called Classes in deference to the MMORPG heritage, you will need to do some leveling. You can do this in a hurry with the tips in our Call of Duty: World at War Leveling Guide. Note we are using the terms Classes and loadouts interchangeably in this article.

How the Character ‘Builds’ Work.

The system of picking and choosing weaponry is a bit unique. First off, you can’t jump right into class creation like in Modern Warfare. Instead, you must level up a few times before unlocking your first weapons, and you will see right away that you might not get the best

Perhaps we can level in ‘Anti-Zombie Spells’ too.

results. They offer you the basic ‘Rifleman’ ‘Machine Gunner’ ‘Sniper’ and ‘LMG’ loadouts. They are preset and absolutely useles. Be sure to unlock your classes, and get to around 30 or 40 to get the best results available to you. However, to best serve our readers, This guide will cover a wide range of loadouts, for all shapes and sizes of levels and needs.

With 5 custom, renameable class ‘loadouts’, you can utilize many of the given loadouts here, and never be left with the pesky problem of not having the right tool for the job in any of your Multiplayer Engagements!

Now, onto the basics, your loadouts for the first 15 levels or so are on the next page.

Starter’s Loadouts

Right out of the box, you need to level up to Private First Class (level 5) before you qualify to edit your classes custom-wise.

Meanwhile, before you reach PFC, you also unlock the Sniper and Close Quarters (Shotgun) premade classes. These are pretty decent, but stick to the Thompson and Shotgun for you first 15 levels. It is the best you can hope for until you get some better kit, and there are some standard perks you can use to get the most from them.

For example. An excellent starting setup designed solely for leveling up, would be:

  • Weapon: Thompson / MP-40 / Trench Gun

  • Sidearms: Frag Grenades, Signal flares, Colt

  • Perks: 2 Special Grenades, Fireworks, Throw-Back

The reason why this is a excellent setup for leveling is because your gun is actually not as important a tool as your grenades. Enemy grenades from higher levels who have Martyrdom, offer you a chance to throw them back and get a couple kills. The potential for scoring points is everywhere especially in a Free-For-All map with more than 20 players. Trying to take on people with better weapons and more experience will be frustrating. Tossing grenades all over isn’t the most artfull FPS play style, but at least it speeds the leveling process.

Once you are comfortable enough or just tire of tossing grenades around, swapping in your Steady Aim perk can assist you with getting as many kills as you can with the weapons. Be sure to use the grip on your Trench Gun once you achieve it, it will greatly increase your accuracy, and frags.

Bolt-Action Rifle and Sniper Rifle Loadouts

Hopefully, by now you have reached around level 20 and you will receive everything you need to complete these loadouts as you progress.

Rifles come in all shapes and sizes, but contrary to what you may think, the Rifle is nearly identical, no matter how you lay it out

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, in comparison with the other rifles. It simply depends on if you are going to be a rifleman, or a sniper

If you are a sniper, the bolt action-rifles are the weapons of choice, and you get them in order from worst to best, but need to make a few kills with one to unlock the Scope for it.

  • Weapon: Springfield, Mosin-Nagant, Kar98k, PTRS-41 (Preferably Scoped)
  • Sidearms: Pistol, Frag Grenades, Signal Flares
  • Perks: 3 Special Grenades, Seight of Hand, Second Chance
  • OR: 3 Special Grenades, Stopping Power, Second Chance

The Seight of Hand works best if you are required to pick your shots quickly and don’t want to hesitate. If you can wait, you can use stopping power to get more bang without the speed. If you find you aren’t using your special grenades much, consider Bouncing Bettys so you can have some protection while you are sighting.

If you’re going to go into combat with your rifle, then you should consider the semi-automatic variant of them. The two I suggest are the SVT and M1 Garand. The Gewher is on the unreliable side, unless you intend to fire more shots than with your other choices.

  • Weapon: SVT, M1 Garand. SGT-44
  • Sidearms: Standard Pistol, Frag Grenades, Signal Flare
  • Perks: Bandolier, Steady Aim, Martyrdom
  • OR: Bandolier, Juggernaut, Martyrdom

You’ll notice the SGT-44 being here. Although Fully Automatic, this weapon is the slowest of machine guns, and only works best in medium and sniping range fire. It is a great trade off with an M1 Garand, but not with a Type 100.

Now, if the fully automatic variant is your choice, with high speed and close range, then consider one of the SMG or LMG layouts on the next page. If you find you die too quickly to put the extra ammo from the bandolier to good use, the extra grenades are a good choice.

Compact / Close Quarters Machine Gun Classes

First, you have the basic weapon classes, then your rifle classes. Now, are your fully automatic machine gun classes. This includes weapons that have fully automatic firing, a box/dual magazine ammo perk, and excellent close and medium range firing. Using some of the popular weapons, below are the most reliable layouts, if you’re intending up close and personal combat. I made two layouts, specific to each of the weapons, simply because they each vary greatly in speed, damage, and accuracy

  • Weapon: MP-40

  • Sidearms: Standard Pistol, Frag Grenades, Signal Flares, Dual Magazine (For MP-40)

  • Perks: Bandolier, Fireworks, Martyrdom

  • OR: Double Tap, Martyrdom

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  • Weapon: Type 100 , PPSH-51

  • Sidearms: Standard Pistol, Frag Grenades, Signal Flares, Box / Drum Magazine

  • Perks: Bandolier, Fireworks, Martyrdom

  • OR: Bandolier, Seight of Hand, Martyrdom

You’ll notice that Fireworks and Martyrdom show up a lot. They do so because close quarters combat often ends up on needing to lay payback for whoever kills you. In the end, the kills will add up, especially in Free-For-All. Just be aware that a lot of servers don’t allow it, particularly those using “tactial” or realism based mods. The Double Tap works best for the slower weapons, such as the MP-40. On the other hand, the Type 100 and PPSH have enough speed, adding double tap will simple be overkill and waste your ammunition.

We will wrap this up with a good layout for your long range machine guns

Long Machine Guns Layouts & Conclusion

Finally, the Long Machine Gun Weapon layouts. These are designed not for up close and personal combat. They are designed for those who mount up, at a distance, and mow down those who come at them.

  • Weapon: BAR, DP, FG-42

  • Sidearms: Standard Pistol, Frag Grenades, Signal Flares.

    Article Image

  • Perks: Double Tap, Deep Impact

  • OR: Seight of Hand, Deep Impact

The setup is pretty simple. The Double Tap speeds up your rate of fire. The MG-42 isn’t listed because its more of a close quarters weapon than a true long range MG. If you feel you can substitute it in for one of your sub-machine weapons, feel free to.

In conclusion, you will note how Pistols, and Grenades. repeat themselves. This is primarily because they are minor changes to your loadout and change your results very marginally. The goal here is to have weapon layouts that get you the most kills, and not only help you level, but get you the greatest advantage in combat. Don’t worry about having Sticky Grenades or Molotov Cocktails unless you are trying to knockout some COD:WaW achievements. Despite them being cool and unique weapons to kill opponents (and everyone loves to see an enemy cringe when they notice the sticky grenade stick onto their own character, particularly when they panic and backpedal into a group of their buddies before it goes off), they are unreliable in gameplay that is intense compared to the good old cooked frag grenade. As for sidearms, the pistols are practically identical in usage, excluding the final side-arm, which is the only one that is noticeably more useful.

Now that you’ve got the layouts for any time, any mode, anywhere, get out there and get fragging!

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