Online Tips & Tactics for COD Online

Online Tips & Tactics for COD Online
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The Problem

One of the most annoying things in Call of Duty: World at War is than when you’re online in team Deathmatch, the whole ‘team’ thing can evaporate quickly into a free for all! The reason? – Simply because people don’t know each other and communication is minimal. Below, you’ll find my top three tips for playing COD: WAW online successfully in a team.


Communication: This is of unparalleled importance in Call of Duty: World at War. One minute we’re all running in a pack. The next John and Mike are down and have re-spawned across the map. Bad news. Why? Because Steve and Ryan are still running bust or go blind across no mans land towards a panzer. This and many other bad situations could be avoided if the four friends would have communicated better in COD. Rather than using team speak for taunts and threats, it’s a good idea to use it to group together, organise smoke grenades and what to do and when while you are in game. I’m not saying turn into the Green Berets. Rather just have some kind of synchronisation of attacks and tactics as it will help you more than anything in Call of Duty: World at War.

Proper Weapons

Believe me on this one. For online Team Deathmatch in Call of Duty: World at War, it’s best to have good guns for the job. I suggest a few SMGs and a few rifles in your group. This gives you short range, long range and room storming capabilities. It also couldn’t hurt if there is a few rocket launchers and bouncing betties between you guys as this will take down enemies in tanks or those tailing you hoping for a few quick kills in the game. Make sure that you check out my Call of Duty: World at War Top 3 Weapons Guide here on Bright Hub so you can easily pick the best weapons to carry with you.

Choose Your Battles

Choose your battles. In my opinion, Ground War is the best for teaming up together in Call of Duty: World at War. It combines Team Deathmatch and War. Everyone on your team will have a common objective (capturing an enemy post). Thus, you can organize everyone as to what to do about securing an objective – not trying to herd sheep like you’d have to in standard Team Deathmatch.

Finally, one more micro-tip for Call of Duty: World at War: everyone is equal – but one player is more equal than others. Choose a leader or alternate leaders at every match end. This is so that there aren’t any parliamentary discussions in the Roundhouse as to what to do next. Enjoy your online

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