Leveling Guide to Call of Duty, World at War 5 CoD

Leveling Guide to Call of Duty, World at War 5 CoD
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Leveling Intro

Call of Duty is one of, if not the most popular, franchises of First Person Shooters on the market. Their games started out merely on the Personal Computer, but have expanded quickly to markets and consoles such as the Playstation, Xbox, and even Mobile Phone! Call of Duty is a masterpiece both in its single player Story, and its exciting multiplayer action.

However, as of the 2007 release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, something very good but very different has come on to the scene of fans to Call of Duty’s Multiplayer gameplay. Rather than the standard concept of joining a common side, and choosing weapons they had

during the war (Or in 4’s Case, Hypothetical War), you now have access to every single weapon in the game, but at the cost of level requirements. Thus enters the RPG concepts to a First Person Shooter.

So, perhaps you’re the FPSer, and not the RPGer. No problem! With this guide, and in no time, you will be leveling up and grabbing those guns you love best!

Your Options

There are more than 30 weapons in total of Call of Duty’s arsenal of Primary, Secondary, and Accessory items, combining to hundreds of possible combinations when you count in the 3 perks. The only problem is, most of this stuff is not even available until you’ve leveled up! (Try past level 25 for just for the Type 100 machine gun!) This is ridiculous to the average FPSer, who wants to jump right in an start fragging with his or her favorite singleplayer weapon. But, there is a solution.

Rather than jumping right into your Team Deathmatch, War, or other more popular game modes. Take a look at a less common, but much better mode for leveling: Free for all.

Before you read on, assume you have the sufficient level to create custom classes, otherwise, start leveling with the default machine gunner until you reach that level. You will need a custom class to stand a chance in a FFA.

Free for All is one of the most difficult game modes to get the hang of. Death is imminent no matter how you play, the only thing to do is to control how long you will last. With Free For all, you want a server that doesn’t change maps, and keeps a “24-7” standard on one map. My favorite is Dome, due to being a circlular map with a fair balance of hiding spots, and open spaces. You can’t go wrong with a fight in there and never have to turn around and retrace steps. Once you found a good 24/7 map, it’s also important to examine the perks.

Most Free for All maps are Hardcore, meaning death will happen very quickly. Some good experimental perks are Stopping Power, and Fireworks. These will help maximize your kills. You can try But one perk that is absolutely necessary is the “Toss Back” perk. Higher level players who have martyrdom (meaning they drop live grenades upon death) create great ammunition to use againts them, with this perk, the grenade will not explode in your hand, and give you the extra frags you want.

Now, let’s talk about the Business end of our classes.

Beginner’s Guns

Not every gun is a Free for All gun. Especially when your goal is to maximize kills. Don’t forget you are competing with possibly the highest level players, who are using weapons that probably will laugh in the face of your own newbie guns. The only way to win is to use weapons that gaurentee you fast and easy kills.

The M1 Garand is a poor example of this. This weapon has a great range, and excellent accuracy. However it has no comparison in a

The M1 Garand. Reliable, but not here.

Free For all Map, where timing is all that matters and having the biggest bang in the shortest time in close quarters. You will find no place for an M1 here.

On the other hand, let’s take a look at our standard Trench Rifle. A Pump Action shotgun, though not an enjoyable weapon for the most of Call of Duty’s gameplay, works great here. After a few rounds of getting used to its feel for combat, you will find yourself taking kills in single shots, and making great progress on the leaderboards. This gun only multiplies in usefulness once you get the Grip accessory.

Another great beginner’s tool is the Thompson, or Type 99. Any Machine gun is useful, but the conditions matter. If you are willing to hide in a corner and pop shots that are more lethal but require a proned or crouched posistion, then use a full MG. However, if you, like the trench gun, like to keep moving and score as many kills in a hail of gunfire, use your Submachine Gun.

Moving on up

Time moves fast in the world of CoD. Hopefully after a few days of fragging it out, and keeping yourself caffeinated for the Free for all experience, you’ve climbed up to around level 20. By now, it’s a good time to look over your options once more.

Your trench gun is a great tool, and it can stay as such, but by now you must install a grip (Get the kills and get the achievement unlocked). This will do wonders to your accuracy if you havn’t already. You can keep this in your arsenal.

On the other hand, the Thompson has got to go. You have unlocked the MP40, and this is quite the perfect weapon for a Free for All. Be sure to keep your hip fire accuracy up for both weapons unless you intend to shoot with your sights down.

Now, on the status of Perks. Toss back can be traded in for its big sister, Martyrdom. Dropping a grenade in spawns that newly spawning players have no chance to deflect upon is a great tool. However, sacrificing this will take adjustment, because grenades are now much more deadly than before. Maximizing this perk with Fireworks is another idea you can consider. Remember that there are plenty of combinations and as you level up, those combinations increase.


In conclusion,

  1. NO RIFLES, that is final!
  2. Use mobile weapons if you’re on the move, keep the hip fire accuracy up, you won’t have time to aim.
  3. Machine guns are only best in a hiding posistion.
  4. Grenades ARE your friends. Toss ‘Em back, or drop them when dead!

Most importantly, EXPERIMENT. The maximized kills come from a class you both enjoy and are trained well on. Don’t expect to get better over time unless you are truly enjoying the gameplay and working with that adrenaline rush. Experimentation will also come as more perks and achievements unlock. Last but not least, enjoy your gameplay, enjoy your Call of Duty, and once you unlock your most enjoyable classes, Happy fragging!

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