Call of Duty 5 Walkthrough: Guide to the Pacific Islands, MG Nests, Tanks, Panzershrecks, Buildings and Weapons

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Walking Through the Pacific Islands and the Main Front

Let me start off by acknowledging what a smart reader I think you are. The reality of the situation is that Call of Duty 5, just like the previous four before it, is an extremely linear game. It’d be a waste of both my time and yours for me to sit here and tell you what to expect next, especially considering the fact that there are FAQs out there that have already wasted their time doing such a thing. Instead, I’d like to guide you through what to expect in the game and how to deal with the most difficult situations presented.

MG Nests and your Flamethrower

I love the flamethrower in this game (probably a reason they don’t let you keep using it all the time). It’s both brutally effective, and really, really cool. One of the few times where two such things come together in such a great way.

As such, you should use the available flamethrower weapon to the fullest extent that you can whenever the opportunity presents itself in the Call of Duty 5 game.

In any level you come across them, MG Nests and crowded grassy situations should optimally be the best times for you to break out that powerful flamethrower weapon and start lighting everything you possibly can on fire to defeat enemies and clear out the field so you can move ahead.

Tanks and Panzershrecks

Tanks are your mortal nemesis in this game as a ground troop. Basically, if a tank shows up, run as quickly as possible to grab a panzershreck and take it out.

The tank not only boasts an incredibly powerful cannon, but also a secondary machine gun that will gun you down as fast as you can make it up to the tank. Don’t bother shooting at the tank with anything other than the rocket launcher - nothing else will put a dent in it (with the exception of levels where you are in a tank yourself).

For more vehicle warfare, check out the Vehicles Challenge that’s available within the game. To learn about tips on using buildings, grenades, mortar, and other weapons, continue reading the second page that will guide you through each element of Call of Duty 5.

Buildings, Grenades, and Mortar

Let’s start with buildings, as they are the best cover you’ll find around you. Buildings are great cover, until a tank finds you and you’re in a vulnerable position. Remember, try to get as high as possible to avoid getting caught by ground troops searching in the buildings, and aim your panzershreck towards the enemy tank as best you can. Grenades are also the focus of this next part. If at all possible, make sure to either avoid or throw back an enemy grenade.

If you cannot get away from an enemy grenade due to a wall or due to your location, try to get as far away as possible.

Finally, mortar is once again, your mortal nemesis in this game, much like tanks. Mortar when you’re fighting in the tank section of the game can kill you extremely quickly. My advice to you would be to eliminate the enemy mortar team as quickly as you possibly can, that way, you don’t risk being taken down by such an easily destroyed force.


Fighting with two weapons can prove difficult, but remember this simple rule - always keep on you two different types of weapon. For this game in particular, avoid the heavy weapons and keep to the mid-range weapons, as they’ll always prove most effective in a variety of situations.

Always having on you a fully-automatic machine gun and the best ranged rifle that you can will serve you well as you get towards the end of the game. At all cost, avoid carrying around a panzershreck (with the exception of during a tank fight), avoid carrying a handgun of any type (too weak, and takes up a whole weapon slot), and even avoid the slower reloading rifles. Even though the default rifle is more powerful, swap it out for the Gewehr 43, as that particular rifle can reload even faster than the others.