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Humiliation Challenges

Call of Duty: World at War, also known as Call of Duty 5, employs a Rank and Challenge system that you might compare to the character leveling system in a role playing game. The sixth set of challenges are called Humiliation Challenges and mainly focus on performing acts while hurt or under fire.

Completing these will help you earn experience points toward increasing your rank and unlocking better weapons and accessories, plus some new challenges.

Humiliation Challenges Explained

Multi-Frag – Kill 2 or more enemies with a single frag grenade.

This one works best if you can catch two or more enemy soldiers inside a room.

Multi-Mine – Kill 2 or more enemies with a single mine.

Since mines do more damage than grenades, you’ll get this one eventually. Just put it in an enclosed area to maximize the spread damage.

Backstabber – Stab an enemy in the back with your knife.

Find a sniper leaning out a window and stick ‘em!

Slow but Sure – Kill 1 enemy while you are being poisoned with tabun gas.

When the gas hits you, the screen goes fuzzy and you can barely move. Good luck with this one.

Rival – Kill the same enemy five times in a single match.

If you are playing on a server with fewer players, this one is easy enough.

Cruelty – Kill an enemy, pick up his weapon, then kill him again with his own weapon.

Just do what it says and hope you can catch up with them after they respawn.

Special Delivery – Kill 2 enemies by making a grenade stick to one and then take out one more when it blows up.

Sticky grenades are awesome, but getting them to stick to somebody is a lot tougher than it sounds.

Blindfire – Kill an enemy while you are still dazed by a signal flare.

This one isn’t so hard because you can still move freely. Just fire into the glare and there’s a chance you’ll get somebody on the other side.

Return to Sender – Kill an enemy by shooting their own mine.

I love getting this one where you catch somebody with their own mine that they put by a doorway into a room where they are hiding. They shouldn’t have been standing so close!

Oh No You Don’t – Kill an enemy by shooting a bouncing betty right after they plant it.

Since it takes a few seconds for them to plant it, sometimes you can catch somebody in the act and take them out. Just don’t blow yourself up, too.

Misery Loves Company – Kill yourself and one enemy with a cooked grenade.

Just hold down the grenade throwing key (G) and run into a group of soldiers. The trick is for the grenade to go off before they shoot you.

Potato Chucker – Finish off an enemy by hitting them directly with a grenade.

This one is pretty funny to get because you’re basically beaning somebody in the skull with a grenade.

Think Fast Special – Finish an enemy off by hitting them with a special grenade.

This is just like the potato chucker except you’d use a signal flare or one of your non-damaging grenades.

Car Bomber – Kill enemies by blowing up a car next to them.

People like to hide behind cars, especially snipers, so if you see one just blow up the car and it’ll take them along with it. Bazookas work great for this one.

Barrel Bomber – Kill enemies by blowing up a barrel next to them.

Just look for the barrels with the red color on them.

Hot Potato – Kill enemies with thrown back grenades.

If you can throw back a grenade, you will save yourself and the others around you. Taking out the guy who threw it is an added bonus.

Gib Factory – Kill enemies so that body parts going flying.

You need a weapon that does explosive damage to get this one, and there are plenty of options including grenades, tanks, and bazookas.

Coffin Dodge – Survive the blast from a bouncing betty.

As soon as you see that thing pop up in the air, start backpedaling and you can avoid being killed.

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