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CoD5 Field Specialist Challenges

Call of Duty: World at War, also known as Call of Duty 5, employs a Rank and Challenge system that you might compare to the character leveling system in a role playing game. The fifth, and shortest, set of challenges are called Field Specialist Challenges and mainly focus on using perks and unlockable items that you get from mastering certain weapons in the game. You’ll see most of them have three tiers which depend upon the number of kills made at each tier. Completing these will help you earn experience points toward increasing your rank and unlocking better weapons and accessories, plus some new challenges.

Silent But Deadly I-III – Kill enemies with a weapon that has a suppressor.

A suppressed weapon makes little to no sound when fired, so you won’t give away your position when firing around the corner from an enemy.

Invisible I-III – Kill enemies with a weapon that has a flash hider.

The flash hider is a very good way of providing you cover because it stops other players from seeing the muzzle flash of your gun when you fire at them. Nothing gives away your position worse than the muzzle flash.

Bayonet Specialist I-III – Kill enemies with a bayonet.

Why use a knife when you ran run them through with your bayonet? Just be careful not to get shot in the process, because you have to get right up on the enemy to stick them with the blade.

Launch Specialist I-III – Kill enemies with a rifle grenade.

The rifle grenade is this game’s equivalent to what is most commonly referred to on Call of Duty 4 as the ‘noob tube’. You may get made fun of for using this on a server, and some servers even ban the use of them because they are a little too powerful.

Down But Not Out I-III – Kill enemies while you are in Second Chance.

Second Chance is when you hit the floor and have enough life left to give you about ten seconds of time to unload your pistol a couple of times. It can be a very effective way of scoring some extra kills, plus the pistol kills will count toward some of the Killer Challenges.

Martyrdom Veteran I-III – Kill enemies with Martyrdom.

Martyrdom is where you drop a live grenade after you have been killed. It’s frowned upon in a lot of game servers because it’s kind of a cheap kill. Even so, if the server allows then by all means enable to perk, because you’ll get plenty of extra kills with it. Sometimes you can enable martyrdom and go kamikaze into a roomful of enemies just to take them out with the grenade you drop after they all shoot you.

Medic I-III – Revive teammates that are in Second Chance.

You’ll make a lot of friends reviving people that are down in Second Chance mode, but you better act quickly because they won’t last too long without help. Also keep in mind that a nearby enemy is who put them in Second Chance mode to begin with.

Gas Mask – With the Gas Mask equipped, kill the enemy that threw the tabun grenade at you.

The tabun grenade makes your soldier nauseous and causes your whole screen to go fuzzy so you can barely move. With the gas mask on, the effect is greatly reduced, thus making you better able to take out whoever threw the grenade.

Shades – With the Shades perk equipped, kill the player that threw the flare at you.

This one can be tough because you may not always see who threw the flare. As usual, shoot anything that moves!

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