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CoD5 - Vehicles Challenges

Call of Duty: World at War, also known as Call of Duty 5, employs a Rank and Challenge system that you might compare to the character leveling system in a role playing game. The third set of challenges is called Vehicles and mainly focuses on getting kills either while driving a vehicle or blowing one up. Completing these will help you earn experience points toward increasing your rank and unlocking better weapons and accessories, plus some new challenges.

Turret MG Expert I-III – Kill enemies with a tank’s turret gun.

This one is pretty tough because being a turret gunner is suicide. You sit up there all exposed and unable to move around, and snipers love to pick them off. Even the next challenge involves killing the turret gunner, so watch out!

Turret Hunter I-III – Kill the turret gunner of a tank without destroying the tank.

The turret gunner is pretty easy to take out with a sniper rifle or even machine gun, provided you hit them from the back or side. If you try to take them head on, you better shoot fast. If the tank is not already smoking from damage, a well-placed RPG hit will also take out the gunner.

Behemoth I-III – Kill enemy infantry with the main gun of the tank.

This one is a lot of fun because getting to drive the tank sort of makes you invincible against puny machine gunners, at least for a little while. It helps to right click the mouse to better aim the gun, because your shot can easily be deflected by debris on the field. I wish this game did more for concussion damage because you just about need to make a direct hit to take out a foot soldier, and that’s not very realistic.

Tank vs. Tank I-III – Finish off enemy controlled tanks with the main gun of the tank (shot kills the tank).

The key here is to find an enemy tank that is already damaged. You can tell how hurt they are by how much smoke is pouring out the back of them. Remember the weakest points on the tank are the backside and the tracks, so place your shots carefully.

Anti Tank Rockets I-III – Finish off enemy controlled tanks with the bazooka (shot destroys the tank).

Pretty much the same advice here as the Tank vs. Tank challenge. Just don’t let the tank driver kill you in the process.

CoD5 - Vehicles Challenges (cont’d)

Anti Tank Demolitions I-III – Finish off enemy controlled tanks with a satchel charge.

This one is not too hard to get. Just throw the charge out in the general path of the tank and wait for them to hit it. Be careful when stepping out in front to place the charge or you might get blown up. It helps to run circles around the tank since most foot soldiers move faster than the turret can turn, but don’t let yourself get run over.

Tank Sticker I-III – Finish off enemy controlled tanks with a sticky grenade.

The sticky grenade is pretty powerful, but remember that it does not throw very far and will stick to the first thing it hits. Be especially careful when using these on a server with Friendly Fire turned on.

Immobilizer I-III – Destroy the tracks of tanks to make them stop moving.

Just aim at the tracks and hope for the best. Be especially careful of the turret gunner, though.

Trapper – Kill an enemy by detonating a satchel charge underneath a tank after the enemy drives over it.

Be very careful with this one because you might get shot while you’re hanging back waiting for a tank to drive over your satchel charge. It helps to have somebody providing you cover.

Tank Bomb – Destroy a tank and kill a nearby enemy player with the explosion.

This is one of those random ones that you’ll hopefully get. The best part is to blow up the tank just as somebody is trying to get into it. Sometimes you can catch the driving trying to bail out just before you blow it up.

Road Trip – Drive a tank 50 miles.

There’s no quick way to get this one. After you’ve driven enough tanks around, the numbers will add up.

You Talkin’ to Me? – While on foot, survive a tank shot and then destroy the tank before your health regenerates.

I got this one totally by accident one day because a severely damaged tank took a shot at me and I returned fire with a bazooka. This is one you’ll probably get at random because it involves being missed by a tank driver.

Got ‘Em! – Kill 3 or more players with a single shot from a tank.

The best way to get this one is to find some enemy soldiers inside a building and put a round in there with them. Even without a direct hit, the concussion will kill a bunch of them just like a grenade.

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