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CoD5 Boot Camp Challenges

Call of Duty: World at War, also known as Call of Duty 5, employs a Rank and Challenge system that you might compare to the character leveling system in a role playing game. The first set of challenges is called Boot Camp because they mainly cover the basics of the game. Completing these will help you earn experience points toward increasing your rank and unlocking better weapons and accessories, plus some new challenges.

Crouch Shot I-III – Kill enemies while crouching

This is one of the first I completed because I spend most of the game in crouch mode. By kneeling, you reduce the target size for your opponent, plus it gives you cover when sneaking behind walls.

Prone Shot I-III – Kill enemies while prone

Just like crouch shot, you’ll get this one during the course of playing. Going prone is always a great way to catch enemies off guard, but your mobility is severely limited.

Grenade Kill I-III – Kill enemies with a grenade

I’ve found that scoring grenade kills in this game is a lot harder than in Call of Duty 4. The key is to catch someone in an enclosed area. Out in the open, it’s much tougher to find someone being still long enough to catch them.

Sticky Kill I-III – Kill enemies with sticky grenades

Just like the Grenade Kill challenge, you’ll have to practice a good bit with where to toss the grenade and how far it will go.

Point Guard I-III – Get assists

As you play through the game, your assists will add up. This is where you do partial damage to an enemy, but not enough to kill them before someone else does.

X-Ray Vision I-III – Shoot enemies through a surface

This one is a little hard to get, and it helps if you have the bullet penetration perk enabled. You’ll find that many barriers in the game are penetrable with the right weapon.

Vandalism I-III – Blow up cars

Not only is it fun to watch them explode, but they also do damage to any enemy soldiers nearby. I especially enjoy catching somebody trying to hide behind a car when it explodes.

Backdraft I-III – Destroy enemy explosive devices

This one can be tough because you don’t always see those explosive until you’ve set them off, then it is too late.

Knife Veteran I-III – Kill enemies with the melee attack

Nothing insults an enemy soldier more than stabbing them, because it requires you to get right up next to them. Don’t get too eager with this one, though, because they will turn around and shoot you.

Exposed I-III – Call in the Recon plane

Every time you get to call in the Recon plane, you’ll get a point towards completing this one. It’s called Exposed because the Recon plane will reveal enemy locations on the map.

Recon Plane Inbound – Get 3 kills in a row to call in the recon plane

This one is relatively easy to get, and quite useful because it helps the whole team.

Artillery Strike Inbound – Get 5 kills in a row to call in artillery

This one is not hard to get, but be careful where you place the artillery so that you don’t waste it. On a lot of the maps the rooftops will protect the people inside, so don’t pound the top of the building with arty. In this game, you can’t knock down buildings.

Call in the Dogs – Get 7 kills in a row to unleash the dogs

In CoD4, 7 kills in a row would call in a helicopter. In this new game, you call in a pack of dogs to attack your enemies. Getting 7 kills in a row is tougher than you think, especially on a crowded server. You’ll get it eventually.

Self Defense – Shoot an enemy attack dog

You should get this one pretty easily. Don’t hesitate when you see those dogs coming, because they move very fast.

Marathon – Sprint for 26 miles.

Since you do plenty of running in this game, you’ll eventually get this one. There’s no quick way to do it, though.

Sayonara – Jump 30 or more feet to your death

I sometime wonder the motivation behind making suicide a ‘challenge’ in this game. There are several maps with tall buildings or cliffs you can jump from, so this one is pretty easy to get.

Geronimo – Fall 15 or more feet and survive

This one’s pretty easy. Just find a ledge somewhere and jump off. You should probably wait a little while to regain your health before continuing; otherwise one enemy bullet could be enough to kill you.

Swan Dive – Fall 20 or more feet into water and survive

This one isn’t too bad so long as you find a map that has water. Look around and you’ll find quite a few puddles in many of the maps.

Bartender I-III – Kill enemies with a Molotov cocktail

You’ll get this one over time, though personally I’m not too fond of the Molotov cocktail as a weapon.

Additional Information

Depending on the level and type of the challenge, the achievement required to meet and pass the challenge varies. For the tiered challenges, the objectives will increase in line with the tier - normally an increase in the number of enemies you have to kill. Similarly, the experience points awarded will increase as each tier in the respective challenge is accomplished.

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