2nd Chapter - 'brothers in arms road to hill 30' strategy guide

2nd Chapter - 'brothers in arms road to hill 30' strategy guide
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In the previous chapter Sgt. Baker didn’t have much to do, aside from just follow orders and rejoin with some of the squadron members. Here we will get to shoot and use the situational awareness view, although technically you are still following orders and only need to worry about suppression.

You begin the chapter standing by a gate, together with Leggett and Mac. Once the intro sequence ends, go through the gate, go right once your reach a fence and keep on moving straight onwards until you see a gap through the bushes. Here the action begins: read on for the ‘Silence the Guns’ chapter of ‘brothers in arms: road to hill 30.’

Fire and Movement: Suppress and Flank

Mac’s Assault in SA view

The game will give you a brief introduction on tactics, specifically ‘Fire and Movement.’ Mac will instruct both yourself and Leggett to keep shooting in order to suppress the enemy and, once the red circle turns fully grey (if you have suppression icons on,) he will move onto the flank to kill off the two German soldiers.

Keep shooting with your browning; although you are unlikely to hit anything Mac will eventually finish them off.

Once you have more units at your command we will explore this aspect of the game more in-depth, with things as complex as encircling and a single or double-pincer, although still within the game’s limited scope.

Pick them off

Two more German soldiers will appear, so keep firing and keep alert. If you can, get the German 98 Kurz rifle off one of the dead soldiers (just walk on the rifle.) Otherwise keep shooting with your browning, should you be too exposed to get a rifle, and wait for Mac to kill the rest off.

Move on and more soldiers will appear, taking cover behind some crates of ammunition. Crouch and take cover, either behind the cart or the cottage’s stone wall, and pick enemies off with your rifle. Eventually you’ll get to the AA guns, although still protected by enemies.

Destroy the AA guns


Follow Mac and you’ll come to another cart, which you’ll use for cover. More soldiers will be ahead so keep shooting. Once clear you’ll find an Anti-Aircraft gun straight ahead of you where the soldiers where. Go right next to the AA and press F to plant an explosive: get ready to run and take cover, there is a time indicator on your top-left side of the screen.

Go towards east and quickly take cover behind some ammunition crates, as there will be Germans straight ahead. Again, use your rifle to get rid of them or, if not, suppress the enemy. (Tip: Look at the image, in situational awareness view, for a quicker way of clearing the zone)

Move in for the assault

Follow your commander and go through the wooden gate, it’s now open. Two German soldiers will face you, just take cover, keep firing and wait for Mac and Leggett to assault. Move on and there will be quite a few soldiers present. Look at the image for the best way of eliminating the enemy; take cover behind the cart and either snipe from there (strafe right) or move nearer next to the earth mound.

Take out the last AA gun by planting an explosive charge and you will end the chapter. Next, we will explore the fourth chapter of ‘brothers in arms road to hill 30’ so stay tuned.