Road to Hill 30 Walkthrough - Second Chapter

Road to Hill 30 Walkthrough - Second Chapter
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Road to Hill 30 Walkthrough - Second Chapter

This is the continuation of our fps strategy guide and road to hill 30 walkthrough; having left at the game’s prologue where you are facing german forces on Hill 30, we finally start Chapter 2 off with a less than cosy plane-ride.

You will start the chapter aboard a Douglas C-47 with Baker as the jumpmaster, reluctantly taking his leadership role despite his obvious qualities. Suddenly hell breaks loose, the carrier is hit by much dreaded AA gun and the squadron is forced to jump out: eventually you will find yourself stranded in a Norman field.

Assuming you have ‘Tips’ on in the game options, the game will instruct you to follow the compass or the small yellow-arrow on the bottom-left of your screen. This is always an indication of where to head in order to complete your objective.

Main IndicatorThe compass also indicates the following:

Your health, by your body-frame which will gradually turn from green to red

Your stance, whether crouching or standing

The number of soldiers under your control, who will show as green icons and various symbols based upon the nature of the troop.

Don’t worry about the latter yet, we will talk about them in the next chapters of this road to hill 30 walkthrough.

Road to Hill 30 Walkthrough: Meet-up with Mac

‘Stranded!’ as Kevin Pollack would say in a famous Christopher Walken impression. Begin by following the yellow-arrow in the compass as instructed, first by heading north-east: you will come to a fallen tree so hit space and W in order to jump (standard control figuration.)

Getting Mac’s Browning

Continue along the path, always moving north, until you come to another fallen tree: this time hit CTRL to crouch and crawl underneath it then CTRL again to stand. You’ll eventually meet-up with Mac, which completes your first objective of this chapter, and he’ll give you his gun.

Road to Hill 30 Walkthrough: Rejoin Part of your Squad

Go through the gate and follow Mac until you eventually come to a courtyard where two German soldiers are deluded they are winning the war. Eventually they’ll notice both you and Mac and you’ll storm in for the kill. Unfortunately you can’t pick up any weapons from the enemy yet so just continue marching on.

Move through the courtyard and follow Mac, although he admittedly has no idea of his surroundings: always helpful when a superior hasn’t got a clue. Continue to follow Mac, you’ll move through some carts and rural housing until reaching a mansion’s courtyard.

Meeting point

Here you’ll rejoin with Leggett (who cuts a mean boiled egg) and Lt. Cole, who will help out in the forthcoming chapters being under your control. Watch the cut scene, as Leggett finds out you’ve really ended up north-east of St. Mere’s church, and end the chapter.

This concludes this fps strategy guide and the road to hill 30 walkthrough for Chapter 2.