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Brothers in Arms: Double Time Wii Game Review

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Brothers in Arms: Double Time for the Wii console is a quick grab at money. Yet it does have enough entertainment value to provide gamers who haven't played Brothers in Arms on other consoles a few hours of relatively fun and entertaining combat, in spite of the various bugs.

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    Twice the fun in one title Your Brothers in Arms need your help to defeat the Germans Brothers in Arms: Double time Fun war game for the Wii 

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    The best parts

    Brothers in Arms: Double time is a two disc compilation of Earned in Blood and Road to Hill 30 that contains all the elements these two outstanding titles contain, only for the Wii experience.

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    The parts that could be improved

    The list of problems with this title is long and kills the entertainment value that was designed and incorporated into Earned in Blood and Road to Hill 30 dead at many points. The same game design and elements that still provide gamers with hours of entertainment is a total mess with this game, apparently, they used a port of the problematic PS2 title, which explains the problems.

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    The graphical picture

    The frame rate of this game is a real mess, it drops to 30 fps quite often, and even as low as 15 fps at times as the game struggles to keep up with all the action on the screen, which is like molasses. The frame rate varying too much affects other elements in the game, like the cursor control, aiming, moving becomes frustrating, and team controls become almost impossible to implement.

    The game freezes up constantly, even during parts where there's very little occurring on screen the action will stop, which is a real pain, and takes the entertainment right out of the moment.

    The graphical presentation is okay, about what you would expect for the Wii, and considerably below the PS3, Xbox 360 or PC versions.

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    Sound in the game

    The sound effects are still as good as the original games. Of course, you do have the constant stops and starts of all the sounds due to the freeze-ups, but other than that the sound effects are good.

    The sound track is sound--the same as in the original titles--which keeps the action and energy up. When you're actually able to play Brothers in Arms: Double Time, it adds to the fun and entertainment.

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    The story line

    The story line of each of the included titles is the same as the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions of the game. You play as a common foot soldier fighting to take Europe back from the Nazis during crucial parts of WWII. Each of the titles deals with a number of specific missions against the Germans, each with a specific mission goal.

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    Brothers in Arms: Double Time has only a portion of the playability designed and built into the original titles. The constant bugs that pop-up make playing this game more of a lesson in anger control than actual interactive entertainment.

    There's no multiplayer mode for Double Time, which is a problem considering the game was designed for it. To put it bluntly, for a game that's supposed to be about team tactics and squad mechanics, it sucks.

    The AI is frustrating and a stone-head. Cursor controls were a good idea, but the execution is really bad here, with path-finding that leaves your men standing in the line of fire or staring at a wall. The enemy AI, on the other hand, is a tactical and strategic genius at times, which is a real pain, considering I can't even effectively use my squads and men.

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    The bottom line

    Brothers in Arms: Double Time is only entertaining if you've never played a video game before, or just fell off the moon onto Earth. Other than this I can't recommend you spend any time with this title. It is possibly one of the worst shooters I've played in awhile, which is saying a lot, considering how many I play. Playing Double Time feels more like leading the worst of the worst, than the best of the best.