Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 Cheat Codes

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 Cheat Codes
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Brothers in Arms is an old but still popular first person shooter in the World War II genre, with some gameplay mechanics that stand the test of time.

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hll 30 has a number of internal cheat codes that you can enter to obtain specific weapons, vehicles, abilities and even special modes that add a little extra fun to the game.

Unlocking Additional Modes

  • You can unlock all the game levels and extras in Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 by simply creating a new profile called “B

    akersdozen” (without the quotation marks). When you’re asked to enter a new profile, just type the word in and click.

  • You can turn the color off and view the game in retro black and white by completing the game on the easy difficulty setting.

  • Beating the game on normal difficulty should unlock infinite ammo.

  • Succesfully completing the game under the hard difficult setting will unlock Authentic Mode, which lets you play the game in the most realistic setting and environment possible (you will have no check points and save points, so this setting is very difficult).

  • You can give your men and tanks (but not you) the ability to take more damage than usual, before they start losing fighting ability. You should be able to access Super Squad Mode by beating Authentic Mode. This mode is particularly good when attacking hardpoints or hardened defensive positions, while you replay the game.

Cheat Codes

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

To access the cheats window, so that you can enter the codes listed below, you need to press the tilde (~) button at the top left of the keyboard and then enter the code for the ability you want to access (without the quotation marks).

  • You can obtain a working model of all the weapons available in the game, simply by typing “allweapons” in the cheats window.
  • Just type “allammo” in the cheats window to get unlimited ammo.
  • You can get all the available items by typing “loaded” into the window.
  • Type in “god” to enter god mode and be an indestructible menace.
  • Use the console codes listed directly below to obtain the item listed in the code:














Hints & Tips

  • If you find yourself fighting against enemy tanks in a mission, take a bazooka and fire at the top turret of the tank. This should knock the tank’s gun out of commission and the tank might even blow up.
  • If your squad is all shot-up and you want to heal their wounds for the coming battle, you can use an unintended trick. You can heal all the squad’s wounds if your character is killed three consecutive times. If you need to heal the squad’s wounds, just quickly throw three grenades at your feet, one right after the other.


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