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Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 for Windows PC

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 is a first person shooter that allows you to immerse your senses in the sights, sounds and environment of a World War II battlefield. You need to work with your fellow soldiers to survive and achieve your objectives and implement strategic tactics in order to win.

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    Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 has you hit the battlefield running, with stunning graphics, outstanding sound effects, and an engaging story line that will immerse you in an adrenalin filled universe of constant action. Teamwork is the key to success in battle, you have to play your part and rely on your buddies to do the job you need them to do (the A. I. isn't as intelligent as we would like, often making decisions that will have you scratching your head). Design your own squad tactics and strategies for dealing with enemies using the tools you have on hand and fight your way through well paced missions using your head and not your muscles.

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    The Good

    The campaign included with Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 is along and hard road to hell, never thought the road to hell would be so much damn fun. The developers did a great job presenting the game, it has a truly immersing look and feel to it, and is a adrenalin-filled cinematic adventure where you play the main part.

    Out-standing first person controls have been combined with useful squad controls to give Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 triple the entertainment value of lesser titles in this genre.

    Good multi-player mode that is fun to play, teamwork creates bonds, you and your friends can compete against other teams online.

    Great integration between the single-player experience and the squad level control mechanics to produce a fun and enjoyable ride through hell.

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    The Bad

    You A.I. isn't as intelligent as you might be hoping for, it will often do things, like run across your line of fire, that will have you wanting to pull the trigger, but real life would be the same.

    You may be slightly thrown off when buddies you saw die in previous missions, suddenly come back to life and appear in uniform and ready for the next mission. Having comrades who have died in previous battles stay dead, and new comrades appear when re-enforcements are required, might have added another layer of realism to the game.

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    The Story

    In Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 you're Matt Baker, a real life veteran of the Screaming Eagles, the American 101st Airborne division of World War II fame. The story line of Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 takes place over a seven day period of D-Day (the allied invasion of Europe during WWII) portrayed in seventeen chapters in the game. The story begins the day before the D-Day invasion, as you and your Brothers in Arms parachute into France as part of the preamble to the actual landing at Normandy the next day. You and your men are tasked with fighting your way into the French town of Carenton, to capture and hold the town. The writers based the story on the real-life missions of Sergeant Baker and his men, which makes each chapter even more fun and interesting to play. The success of each mission will unlock photos and reconnaissance photos that you can use to compare the actual events that occurred to Baker and his men during the first week of D-Day, to the events that occurred in the game, an interesting feature that gives Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 a connection to history.

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    The graphical story

    Great visual effects in the cinematic presentation of game, bullets striking near you will bring up dust onto the screen, telling you to move, which adds a sense of realism that I really enjoyed.

    The before and after cut-scenes in Brothers of Arms: Road to Hill 30 are very well written and thought out, often summarizing the missions events and outcome in content to the overall war and allowing you to learn more about your men.

    The character faces could have been a little more life-like, their eyes have the lifeless look of museum characters. The developers have obviously spent a lot of time making the visual presentation outstanding. It is an aspect of Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 that will delight you and provide gamers who love the first person perspective exactly what they want.

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    The sound effects

    Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 has the sounds of battle that when combined with the visuals immerses your senses in battle scenes right out of World War II. The sounds of gunfire, nearby explosions and flying debris will have you ducking your head in response to the sounds of battle occurring around you on the screen.

    The clear, immersive impact of the soundtrack and sound effects occurs at just the right time to move the game play forward and create an atmosphere that adds a bit of realism to the game.

    The voice acting of the characters in the cutscenes is outstanding, making me want to know more about the characters and events in the next scene.

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    This game I still play when I get the chance and have a craving for a little first-person shooting fun. Remember to lock the doors and turn off the cell phone before starting, though. Nothing is more irritating then having your concentration interrupted during a vital moment of battle.

    The missions are so well paced they seem to meld into one another and they are a real challenge when you play on the higher difficulty settings.

    Leave Rambo at home, though. You need to use teamwork and communication to defeat the enemy and complete the objectives of each mission. Use suppressive fire, flanking movements, and develop tactics and strategies you can use in specific situations, as this game gives you enough control to devise your own. The first-person perspective the developers included really works well with the squad control mechanics, giving you unprecedented control.

    The game took me about 12 hours to complete in the normal setting, but each gamer is different, and you might finish sooner or take a little longer. The difficulty settings each add enough added variety in challenge to give the gamer reason to play each setting, so give them all a try, this will give you more time with this fun, enjoyable and entertaining game.

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    Want to play again

    If war is hell, give me hell, again and again. This game I played over and over again, and I still try to find time, when I haven't got a new game to play, to get re-acquainted with Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30.

    The variety of modes, on line options, and control mechanisms designed into this game make it a pleasure to play anytime.

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    Final thoughts

    They don't play much better or get a hell of a lot more fun than Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, with immersive battle environments that had me sweating as the sounds of battle raged around me. The outstanding entertainment value of this game had me playing overtime, and if you love a good first person adventure, then you'll have a hell of a good time with Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30.

    Parts are almost cinematic in scope, with outstanding sound effects and voice acting in the cutscenes that had me thinking I was watching a movie that I was part of.

    The variety in weapons, vehicles, strategies and tactics employed during the battles provides another layer of fun and enjoyment to an already outstanding adventure.

    The multiplayer options are varied and the campaign is long enough and with as much variety in difficulty to provide the gamer with as much entertainment, fun and enjoyment as any game in the genre.

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