Bioshock Easter Eggs, Secrets and Hints

Bioshock Easter Eggs, Secrets and Hints
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Xbox 360’s Bioshock: The Best Spoilers

Bioshock Screenshot: Big Daddy

Bioshock is a sci-fi first-person shooter game with deep mysteries and secrets surrounding its story. While the good ending is very satisfactory, the bad ending will leave you very confused. The fact that the game is inspired from Ayn Rand’s novel makes it more interesting as the plot and the nature of characters have striking resemblance to Rand’s philosophy. Here are some of the best Bioshock easter eggs and secrets and hints to understand the game more closely:

Bioshock Secrets: Big Daddy

You, as Jack, will get a chance to imp the iconic Big Daddy in Bioshock for the Xbox 360. In the Point Prometheus level, you will have to take the help of a Little Sister to unlock a door, but trick her to obey your commands. Search for different parts including a diving suit, controllers, boots and bubble helmet. You will also have to collect pheromones, assemble all the parts and change your voice to trick her into thinking you’re Big Daddy. All the parts can be found in the 3 labs within the same area. You will not only have to trick Little Sister but also have to protect her to ensure she unlocks the doors. If you do this right, then you’ll easily get through this Bioshock level with ease.

Bioshock Secrets to Upgrading Weapons

This is one of the best Bioshock easter eggs and secrets for your weapon upgrades on the Xbox 360 version. To upgrade your weapons, you will have to locate “Power to the People” stations. These stations can be found in Sinclair’s Spirits and Le Marquis D’Epoque in Fort Frolic, Kyburz’s Office and Gatherer’s Garden in Hephaestus level, Sander Cohen’s Private Chambers and Fontaine’s Apartment in Olympus Heights, the Tree Farm in Arcadia, the fourth floor of Hestia in Apollo Square, The Winery Cellar basement at the Farmer’s Market, The Freezer in the Basement in Neptune’s Bounty, the Atrium and Optimized Eugenics in Pt. Prometheus. When you find these stations, you’ll easily be able to upgrade your weapons in Bioshock for free!

Good and Bad Endings in Bioshock

Bioshock Secrets: Little Sister

To reach the good ending you will have to save every Little Sister in the entire game. But, if you harvest more than one Little Sister, you will unlock a very gruesome ending.

How to Kill Big Daddy in Bioshock

You will find many Bioshock easter eggs and secrets to help eliminate Big Daddy, but the one of most satisfying kills is the usage of Trap Bolts. Obtain the Crossbow and at least 4-5 Trap Darts. Shoot the trap darts to line them up between you and Big Daddy (keep a distance of at least 15-20 feet). Once finished, shoot at the mobster. He will run towards you and fall trap to the 5 Electric Trap Darts. It’s almost fun to watch him fry there.

The Photograph of Jack

In the Rapture Central Control level, your objective is to eliminate Andrew Ryan, the main antagonist of Bioshock. Enter Ryan’s private office by deactivating the door lock. Go straight to the adjacent room and search for the words “Would You Kindly” scribbled on the wall. You will find a table underneath the scribble. Walk straight up to the table to see pictures of Andrew Ryan, Frank Fontaine, Dr. Suchong and Bridgette Tenenbaum along with other papers and audio diaries. But when you scrutinize the pictures close enough, you will see a photograph of a person with a sweater. That’s you—Jack!

‘Novel’ Inspiration

Bioshock focuses on the philosophy of Ayn Rand’s sci-fi novel Atlas Shrugged. You will find a few similarities between the game and the book. The person named Atlas, who guides Jack for two-thirds of the levels in Bioshock, is a reference to the book. The name ‘Andrew Ryan’ and his philosophy behind Rapture city closely match Ayn Rand’s name and her ‘objectivism’ behind her novel Atlas Shrugged. Moreover, the first cut-scene of the game is similar to the novel’s introductory passage. If you haven’t read the book, you should - as it makes the game that much more interesting.

Killing Andrew Ryan

Bioshock’s Main Antagonist Andrew Ryan

While there are many interesting and difficult Bioshock easter eggs and secrets and hints, this one’s quite easy. Killing Andrew Ryan is far easier than killing a splicer. He looks frail and short and carries only a golf stick as his weapon. What’s more, he begs you to kill him with his golf stick and does not struggle or attack you. With few hits of the golf stick you can kill him without any fuss. While it’s not as much fun as destroying Big Daddy, it’s a quick end to the game when you get to him.

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