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Get BioShocked

The underwater world of Rapture is quite a sight to behold, full of beautiful art deco architecture, breathtaking views of the ocean floor, and dozens of crazy inhabitants wanting to bash your brains. Wait, what was that last one? If you’re unfamiliar with the game, read our Bioshock PC review. Taking on the denizens of Rapture - especially the scary, armored Big Daddies - can be pretty difficult, so you could probably use some Bioshock cheats.

Bioshock PC Cheats

Although Bioshock is a multi-platform title, these following Bioshock cheats are specifically for the PC version of the game, and they only work if you’ve yet to patch the game.

Go into your Bioshock installation folder and open the file “defuser.ini”. In there, you will enter the cheats that you would like to install and bind them to a key. For example, if you want F5 to make you fly, you would type “F5=fly”. Simple enough, right? When you’re done entering the cheats you want, save the file and start the game.

The Only Way To Travel

All of these commands will alter how you traverse the city, allowing you to really take in the stunning beauty the game has to offer.

fly - This console command makes your character float. If you ever wanted to experience Rapture from the air, here’s your chance!

teleport - This cheat will make you teleport to your wherever your crosshairs are pointed, which makes it useful for quickly traversing rooms or getting to hard-to-reach places.

ghost - Disables clipping, allowing you to walk through walls and floors. Use in conjunction with the “fly” command to be able to navigate Rapture, completely untethered.

walk - Disables the “ghost” and “fly” cheats, planting your feet back on the ground. Use this if you find yourself getting a little motion sickness or vertigo!

suicide - With all of these game-modifying codes, you may end up getting stuck somewhere, so this handy cheat will send you to the nearest vita-chamber.

A One Man Army

If you’re having trouble surviving, these cheats should give you the upper hand against your foes.

god - The essential God Mode. Makes you completely invulnerable and ensures that Big Daddies don’t stand a lick of a chance.

givehealth - This cheat will refill your health to full, so it’s definitely one of the most useful cheats to bind to a key.

givebioammo - Use this command to give yourself EVE, the stuff you use to power your plasmids. Another handy cheat to have on key.

igbigbucks - And use this one to give yourself $500. With this command, you’ll never be broke again!

And A Few More

If you’re still looking for a little more fun, here are a few more codes that will alter the game world in different ways.

slomo - Who doesn’t love to put everything in slow motion? While this is more or less just for fun, it should help your accuracy a bit. Hitting slow moving targets is always easier than hitting fast moving targets.

killpawns - This command will kill all of the enemies on the level. But where’s the fun in that? Still, if you just want to explore Rapture uninterrupted, this will allow you to do that.