Top 10 Windows 7 PC Games

Top 10 Windows 7 PC Games
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Top 10 Windows 7 PC Games

With the advent of both Games for Windows and the release of the Windows 7 operating system, there are plenty of newer titles that deserve praise, being bastions of this new frontier and welcoming the change of OS. This article will have a top 10 run down on some of the better Windows 7 games out there; mostly of the Games for Windows variety. So, sit back, relax and enjoy this look at some of the finest Windows 7 PC games the world has to offer.

#10 - Batman: Arkham Asylum

One of last year’s biggest games made a quasi-splash of sorts on the PC market also. With it becoming the highest ranked PC game of 2009 on any critic based site. The almost magnate qualities of Batman are showcased in this gritty comic-book influenced adaptation.

Prowling the walls of Gotham City’s criminal correction facility, Batman becomes a gargoyle balancing nightmare for the released inhabitants of the asylum, even fighting a steroid heavy Joker and defeating him.

#9 - Borderlands; Top Windows 7 PC Games Contender

A game born from the necessity to farm items and generally grind the game into nothing but item-hoarding or gathering. Adding a diffusive narrative, some choice comedic dialogue and a quirky battle system, Borderlands is one of the shining 4-player co-operative gaming experiences currently available.

Also of note is the fact it came out within the same week as Windows 7, making it one of the first widely available Windows 7 PC games to have a reasonable compatibility.

#8 - Company of Heroes; A Rightful Choice For Top Windows 7 PC Games?

Windows 003

The robust RTS title is so well produced and a slow burning cult seller that is easily one of the best Windows 7 PC games available.

Although the WWII based stratagem was first seen in 2006, the longevity and consistent sales or otherwise through online gaming storefronts such as Steam, have made Company of Heroes a spectacularly under-appreciated but well-loved game.

#7 - Football Manager 2010

Windows 002

The perennial football management game, it has reached a summit of exciting gameplay, coupled with its precocious time stealing capabilities. Often, games of Football Manager can take up full weeks worth of playtime, over the course of months.

This years release saw fit to continue the tradition of packaging itself as a games for windows game, along with last years effort, also adding a layer of capability for the new Windows 7 operating system also.

#6 - Napoleon: Total War

After the illustrious Total War series perhaps began to stagnate, given the release of Medieval 2: Total War and its subsequent expansions, the games were in need of a reboot and rethink. That happened first with the release of Empire: Total War, adding naval combat among other game tightening features, making a return to form for one of the greatest strategy series within the PC market.

This was furthered still by the 2010 release of the Windows 7 PC game Napoleon: Total War. Which gave players the license to wage war in the early 18th century.

#5 - Metro 2033; On The List of Windows 7 PC Games

A sleeper hit by many definitions, Metro 2033 charts the tumultuous existence of humans living underground, after a nuclear holocaust wiped away the topside earth. As a Windows 7 PC game, it stands up well, due to the developers having enough time to work around the newer operating system.

It may have problems, bugs and even rudimentary glitches on any platform, but the overall experience is surprisingly decent and definitely deserving of this listing.

#4 - The Witcher

Windows 004

With an almost mockingly huge amount of special or directors cut editions of this game, its quite amusing to note that none of them are specifically enhanced by being a Windows 7 PC game release, although the compatibility is still there for a solid experience.

The deep-RPG mechanics underpin the overall game, with a huge gamut of options, interactions and locales, The Witcher is deserving of its cult appraisal. It is also rather sobering to note that the original came out as far back as 2007.

#3 - Alpha Protocol; Sleeper Hit Windows 7 PC Game

Windows 005

It seems a rather pleasant trend with this list of Windows 7 PC games, but it is often the case that games we don’t hold high hopes for, will end up exceeding expectations and producing some memorable gaming moments.

Alpha Protocol is certainly one of those, with a litany of problems and glitches, the game still stands up strong as a sign that Obsidian can develop their own intellectual property instead of rehashing or re-imagining Bioware sequels.

#2 - Mass Effect 2

Windows 006

Continuing on from the success of the first installment, Mass Effect 2 has some drastic story elements to drill into the player right from the start, with Shepard’s apparent death and his mysterious revival all explained.

After that its standard fare and one of the best Windows 7 PC games out there as of this writing. Its well-rounded characters, action packed narrative, stunning Unreal engine graphics and deep lore make for some of the best action-RPG gaming ever.

#1 - Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

One of the biggest PC game releases of the last couple of years, probably since Half Life 2 swept through the gaming zeitgeist in 2004, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty has taken the now ancient formula of the first game and re-invigorated it back into relevancy.

Windows 007

With two further expansions already announced, with single player focusing on the other two races in the game other than human, this is one Windows 7 PC game that is sure to be around for a long while.

This is especially so when the South Korean hysteria and general e-sports franchising is taken into consideration. It would be likely to assume that the infamous Starcraft multiplayer just got a much needed and welcomed reboot.

With cross-platform (Mac to Windows) support also available, it seems Blizzard have truly cornered off the home computer market quite impressively with this release, we’ll see how it pans out of the coming months.