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BF 1942 Soldier Classes

In Battlefield 1942, a wonderful first person shooter game from Electronic Arts, there are five different classes of soldier you can play. Each one has strengths and weaknesses that I will discuss in this article. I encourage you to try them all when you play the game, especially online.

Scout - The scout is the sniper class of soldier, and they have a very long range sniper rifle. I find it best to be a scout when playing online with a large map and plenty of players. If there are only a handful of people playing, it is easy to spot and pick off snipers. When playing online, snipers often catch a lot of flak from teammates because they tend to hang back and not help, especially in capture the flag. I’ve always said that the team with the most snipers is who usually loses the battle.

Assault - The assault kit is the basic machine gunner class in the game. They are the most balanced in terms of strengths and weaknesses which makes them a good class for beginners, but I prefer some of the more specialized classes. The assault rifle is great at medium to short range, but not very accurate at long distances unless you stand still and crouch to shoot. Doing so will just make you an easy target.

Anti-Tank - This is my favorite soldier class because I learned how to be very good with the bazooka. One shot from a bazooka can take out an enemy jeep, and three in the tail of a tank will blow it up. You can also fire bazookas into the ground next to enemy soldiers to take them out. The main downside to playing these soldiers is that they don’t last long in a close fight against more than one opponent because the bazooka is slow to reload. Sometimes, however, you can take out two guys with one shot if they are close enough together.

Medic - The medic is always popular because they have the best machine gun in the game. It does not shoot as quickly as the Assault kit gun, but it is more powerful. Medics can also heal themselves and other players. When playing online, medics are sometimes targeted first to keep you from healing other players. If you want to make friends online in Battlefield 1942, play a medic.

Engineer - I love the engineer class because they have land mines, which can do more damage to enemy vehicles than a bazooka. They also carry demolition packs and can repair friendly vehicles. The main downside to putting down land mines is that your teammates can get killed if friendly fire is turned on. Also, enemy vehicles can avoid them unless you place the mines in a hard to see area. The engineer’s rifle is pretty decent, but it has a slow rate of fire.

The key to understanding the value of each class is so that you can be a better team player. When you join an online game, you can see by the little icons next to the player name what kind of class they are playing. In other words, if there’s a shortage of Medics, then be a medic. It always helps to have a fairly balanced team because each class has such a specific function.

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