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    • Battlefield 2142 Windows PC Game Review
      Feel the adrenalin flow as the sensation of the battle around you fills your body with energy. The action in Battlefield 2142 puts you in the middle of battle as you coordinate with fellow warriors to survive and conquer on the field of battle - "Only the strong survive."
    • Battlefield Play4Free Gameplay And Features Preview
      A brief overview of the classes, weapons and gameplay features for EA's upcoming free-to-play online shooter, Battlefield Play4Free.
    • Review: Battlefield 1942 for Windows PC
      Battlefield 1942 is a fun, entertaining and interactive video game that will challenge you to play at your best and devise strategies to defeat determined enemies. Play as one of a team of players battling other players in online battles and show the world you rule the battlefield.
    • Battlefield 1943 For PS3: Remake or Bust?
      A remake of Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 1943 is an excellent sequel but its not quite a complete rendition of the battlefield family, more of a tribute. Let's take a look at what is good and what isn't about this new title for the PS3.
    • Battlefield 1943 for the Xbox 360 Arcade
      Dice has come out with another battlefield to add to the series. Rather than releasing this game as full game disc, EA has released it in the Xbox 360 arcade for an extremely cheap price. So, let's take a look to see if Battlefield 1943 is worth buying.
    • Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition PC Game Review
      The Deluxe Edition of Battlefield 2142 includes the Northern Strike booster pack, but it's kind of a pain to activate and install. For the most part, this game plays more like a mod for Battlefield 2, and just isn't as good as the Battlefield games before it.
    • PC Game Review - People are still playing Battlefield: 1942!
      Even though the game is six years old, people are still playing Battlefield: 1942 online. If you haven't yet checked out this awesome World War II shooter, I suggest you pick up a copy. It'll run on most any computer made in the past several years.
    • Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for the Xbox
      Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is an excellent game that paved the way for the current game, Battlefield: Bad Company. This game is notorious for its various map glitches that often made online play a lot less fun.
    • A Guide to the Soldier Classes in Battlefield 1942
      There are five different types of soldier you can play in Battlefield 1942, and this article discusses their strengths and weaknesses.