PC Games Guide: Battlefield 2 - A Guide To Soldier Classes in this First-Person Shooter

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Be all that you can be…

This is a guide to the seven different classes of soldier that you can play in the excellent PC game Battlefield 2, from Electronic Arts. Each class is unique and useful in its own right, and the game would not work without all of them.

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Anti-Tank: This is the unit that carries the giant shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. They also carry a small machine gun for backup, which is great for when you run up on an enemy soldier. You can always shoot a rocket into the ground near an enemy and if you get close enough, it will kill them. This unit is best for taking out all the enemy vehicles in the game, but it takes a lot of practice to time your shot because of the slow-moving rockets.

Assault: This is your standard machine gun unit that also gets a nice grenade launcher. I think this is the unit most gamers start out playing, and that grenade launcher is great for taking out two or more enemies close together. It also does damage to vehicles.

Engineer: This can be a tough class to play because it often requires patience. Your main gun is a shotgun, which only really works in tight spaces, so you need to be quick on your toes. The best part of this class is the land mines. You can spread them all over the ground, then sit back and wait for enemy tanks or fast-moving vehicles to run over them. I’ve scored a ton of kills with the land mines.

Medic: Everybody loves a medic, and they can toss out healing supplies on the battlefield. You can also revive another player who has been knocked down. You also get a pretty good machine gun and some hand grenades. If you want to make friends on the battlefield, this is the class to play.

Sniper: Ah, the often maligned sniper unit. Snipers have the most powerful gun in the game, meaning they can usually kill with a single shot. The problem is that when you have too many snipers playing on one team, not much gets done because the snipers want to go hide and pick people off instead of capturing enemy bases. If you’re good at long distance shots, you can rack up a lot of kills, but I’ve found that many online gamers aren’t too fond of sniper units.

Special Ops: These units have an awesome C4 charge that can be used in a variety of creative ways. One thing people like to do is plant a charge on the hood of a hummer, then crash the hummer into an enemy base and set off the charge. C4 is also great for catching enemy vehicles or soldiers in tight spaces. It’s sort of an art to get the C4 kills right, but you can be quite lethal once you learn how.

Support: These units come with a very high capacity machine gun that is great for spraying many bullets at enemies. Their main feature is that they carry ammo that can be given out to other players in the game. These Support units, along with Medics, can make or break a team.

Personally, I have always preferred using Anti-Tank because of all the vehicles in the game. It only takes one well-placed rocket to destroy a hummer, and that comes in real handy during Capture the Flag. My suggestion to you is to take some time playing each different class and get a feel for what works best for you. You might be surprised how much you like one over the other.