Battlefield 3 Kit Unlockables: Complete Guide to Ranks, Weapons, and Gadgets for Each BF3 Class

Battlefield 3 Kit Unlockables: Complete Guide to Ranks, Weapons, and Gadgets for Each BF3 Class
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Each of the four kits in Battlefield 3 has it’s own unique set of unlockable weapons and gadgets. These items are exclusive to each class, and can only be earned by playing as that class.

There is some incentive to pick a specific class and stick to it in BF3. Doing so allows you to reach the top-end weapons and abilities more quickly, and will allow you to be a more effective soldier on the Battlefield.

Check out the individual unlockables for each of Battlefield 3’s kits.

Assault Kit

The Battlefield 3 Assault soldier is concerned with two things: assaulting objectives and keeping teammates alive in the process. To this end, they are equipped with an assault rifle and medic kit, as well as a defibrillator that allows the assault soldier to resurrect recently-fallen teammates.

Assault Kit Ranks and Unlockables:

  1. M416 Assault Rifle

    0 Assault Score - M16A3/AK-74M (unlocked by default)

  2. 4,000 (4,000) Assault Score - unlocks the Defibrillator.

  3. 7,000 (11,000) Assault Score - unlocks the M320 Grenade Launcher

  4. 11,000 (22,000) Assault Score - unlocks the M416 Assault Rifle

  5. 16,000 (38,000) Assault Score - unlocks the M26 MASS Shotgun Attachment

  6. 22,000 (60,000) Assault Score - unlocks the AEK-971 Assault Rifle

  7. 29,000 (89,000) Assault Score - unlocks the M16A4 Assault Rifle

  8. 35,000 (124,000) Assault Score - unlocks the F2000 Assault Rifle

  9. 42,000 (166,000) Assault Score - unlocks the AN-94 Assault Rifle

  10. 54,000 (220,000) Assault Rifle - unlocks the M16A3 or AK-74M Assault Rifle

Engineer Kit

Engineers are the vehicular experts of Battlefield 3. Capable of repairing and destroying tanks, jeeps, helicopters, and more, these soldiers utilize their various missile launchers, mines, and repair tools to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Engineer Kit Ranks and Unlockables:

  1. EOD Bot

    0 Engineer Score - M4A1/AKS-74U (unlocked by default)

  2. 3,000 (3,000) Engineer Score - unlocks the FIM-92 Stinger and SA-18 IGLA Missile Launchers

  3. 4,000 (7,000) Engineer Score - unlocks the M15 AT Mine

  4. 7,000 (14,000) Engineer Score - unlocks the SCAR-H Carbine

  5. 11,000 (25,000) Engineer Score - unlocks the EOD Bot

  6. 15,000 (40,000) Engineer Score - unlocks the M4 Carbine

  7. 18,000 (58,000) Engineer Score - unlocks the A-91 Carbine

  8. 24,000 (82,000) Engineer Score - unlocks the FGM-148 Javelin Missile Launcher

  9. 28,000 (110,000) Engineer Score - unlocks the G36C Carbine

  10. 35,000 (145,000) Engineer Score - unlocks the M4A1 or AKS-74U Carbine

Recon Kit

The recon soldier in BF3 is a master of the long-range assault. Sniping unsuspecting enemies from afar is not the only trick up the sleeve of this versatile class, however. Unparalleled recon-gathering capablities as well as the ablility to set up a mobile spawn point for the squad make the recon kit one of the coolest in Battlefield 3.

Recon Kit Ranks and Unlockables:

  1. Battlefield 3 MK11 Mod 0

    0 Recon Score - MK11 MOD 0 (US) / SVD (RU)

  2. 5,000 (5,000) Recon Score - unlocks the T-UGS Motion Sensors

  3. 8,000 (13,000) Recon Score - unlocks the SV98 Sniper Rifle

  4. 13,000 (26,000) Recon Score - unlocks the SOFLAM Laser Designator

  5. 19,000 (45,000) Recon Score - unlocks the MAV Recon Drone

  6. 26,000 (71,000) Recon Score - unlocks the SKS Sniper/Assault Rifle

  7. 33,000 (104,000) Recon Score - unlocks the M40A5 Sniper Rifle

  8. 42,000 (146,000) Recon Score - unlocks the M98B Sniper Rifle

  9. 49,000 (195,000) Recon Score - unlocks the MK11 MOD 0 or SVD Sniper Rifle

Support Kit

The support soldier is an invaluable addition to any squad. Capable of resupplying friendly forces and taking down enemy infantry and vehicles alike with explosives, the support soldier is a force to be reckoned with in BF3.

Suport Kit Ranks and Unlockables:

  1. M249 Saw

    0 Support Score - M27 IAR/RPK-74M (unlocked by default)

  2. 4,000 (4,000) Support Score - unlocks the C4 Explosives

  3. 7,000 (11,000) Support Score - unlocks the M249 LMG

  4. 12,000 (23,000) Support Score - unlocks the M18 Claymore

  5. 17,000 (40,000) Support Score - unlocks the M224 Mortar

  6. 20,000 (60,000) Support Score - unlocks the PKP Pecheneg LMG

  7. 30,000 (90,000) Support Score - unlocks the M240B LMG

  8. 40,000 (130,000) Support Score - unlocks the M60E4 LMG

  9. 40,000 (170,000) Support Score - unlocks the M27 IAR or RPK-74M LMG

There are a ton of rewards to be earned by focusing on a specific class in Battlefield 3, but that doesn’t mean you can’t taste all that the other classes have to offer. The great thing about having multiple classes is that you never have to get bored. If Recon is starting to become tiresome, for example, there’s nothing to stop you from trying out Support for a round or two.

Who knows, you just might like it.


  • All images and references from Battlefield 3.

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