Battlefield 3 Assault Class Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Dominate as a Medic or Assault Soldier in BF3

Battlefield 3 Assault Class Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Dominate as a Medic or Assault Soldier in BF3
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The Assault soldier in Battlefield 3 is more than a one-trick pony. Sure, he can take down enemies on the front lines and capture objectives better than any other class, but the added versatility of the medkit allows him to fulfill many different roles on the battlefield.

Equally at home storming and objective and healing/resurrecting wounded teammates on the battlefield, a well-played Assault soldier can make a huge difference in any gametype.


M416 Assault Rifle

The Assault kit uses, not surprisingly, assault rifles as a primary weapon. These versatile firearms can be effective at short and medium ranges, with some limited long-range functionality.

For close-quarters engagements, slap a red dot or holographic sight on your weapon to quickly and easily acquire and fire upon enemy soldiers. For longer-range battles, a 4x scope can give you an edge over opposing soldiers firing SMGs, LMGs, or assault rifles with limited magnification. You’ll never do as well from longer ranges as a Recon soldier, but the possiblity of being somewhat effective at all ranges in one big advantage of the Assault kit.

The assault rifle does good damage and can also be used to suppress enemies in a limited fashion (going full auto will empty your magazines incredibly quickly). It can also be used to pick enemies off at long range in semi-auto mode.

Assault Tactics

Battlefield 3 Assault Rifle

In it’s purest form, the Assault soldier excels at capturing and defending objectives. They are designed to be the vanguard of the assault, the tip of the spear, the leader of the charge. Your job while using the Assault kit is simple: assault things. In an objective-based game, you are the one who is supposed to be going in and taking (or taking out) the objectives.

In a straight fight against other infantry, you always have the advantage. The Assault class was built to kill infantry, and it excels at doing so.

Swapping out the medkit for a grenade launcher or shotgun adds versatility to the class. With a grenade launcher, you can take out walls and remove enemy cover, clear out tightly-packed enemy soldiers, and damage enemy vehicles.

With a shotgun under the barrel of your assault rifle, you become a close-quarters killing machine, capable of killing most unsuspecting enemies in a single shot. You can swap between roles at will, an advantage that no other class possesses.

Medic Tactics

Of course, straight up offense is only one side of the Assault kit coin. You also have the abilities of a medic, healing and resurrecting your teammates. This allows the Assault soldier to play a supporting role as well as an offensive one.

Medkits replenish your nearby teammates’ health at a rate of approximately 10%/second. Clever and skillful positioning of a medkit can easily turn the tide of a battle, keeping your teammates alive for that extra bit of time or keeping you alive long enough for backup to spawn on you.

Dropping a medkit mid-firefight is always a good idea, provided you’re not being directly fired upon at the time. Dropping them near an objective is also a great idea, especially when your squad leader has designated that objective as your squad’s target.

The great thing about the Assault class is that you can be on the front lines of an assault, dealing out damage and dropping medkits simultaneously, giving your team a huge advantage.

Defibrillator Tactics

Battlefield 3 Defibrillator

Another great way to earn a ton of xp: resurrect your teammates. Once you unlock your defibrillator, equip it and gain the ability to bring a recently-deceased team member back from the dead. Not only will this return him to the fight, but it will also save your team a valuable reinforcement ticket, which can prolong the fight.

Resurrecting a teammate will earn you as many experience points as downing an enemy will, so it’s definitely worth your while to shock them back to life. The key is to do so with caution, resurrecting an enemy as bullets are flying overhead will just get them immediately killed again, and it’s very likely you will end up dead as well.

Do not rush into a hail of bullets to defib a teammate. It might seem heroic, but you’re really just adding two kills to the enemy’s count. Only res people when the firefight has died down or you can get behind cover to do so. Be smart, don’t just bring people back for the points. Do what’s best for your team.

The name may say “Assault,” but this versatile Battlefield 3 kit can peform many roles simultaneously on the battlefield. Capable of dealing and healing massive amounts of damage, the Assault soldier makes up the backbone of any BF3 team.


  • All images and references from Battlefield 3.

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