Wii Gamers Little League World Series Baseball 2009 Review

Wii Gamers Little League World Series Baseball 2009 Review
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The Good Parts (4 out of 5)

_Little League World Series Baseball 20_09’s game play is an interesting and highly entertaining mix of Mario Super Sluggers and Power Pros. It implements a power-up system that’s similar to Mario Super Sluggers (called Talents) and has realistic baseball physics and bright, crisp visual effects that reminded me of Power Pros.

The Tournament Mode is the most entertaining and satisfying part of the experience of playing Little League World Series Baseball 2009. In this mode you can unlock trophies, bobble heads, little league pins, and even baseball cards, some of which can be used as power ups. You can also play in nine different stadiums in this mode and select from a number of different difficulty levels to improve the challenge for players of various skill levels.

The Bad Parts (4 out of 5)

Little League World Series Baseball 2009 is a fun and entertaining sports game

Little League World Series Baseball 2009 is a kid friendly arcade style video game that includes 16 U.S. and international teams or you can create your own customer players using the Edit Mode. Unfortunately, all the teams are composed of generic players and while you can customize players in the Tournament Mode, the changes are pretty shallow. You can change your players name, uniform color, equipment, and logo, but that’s it.

The Graphical Picture (4 out of 5)

Little League World Series Baseball 2009 has a cute, stylish cartoon-like graphical presentation that the kids will love, but it’s about the same as the 2008 edition of this video game. The bright, clear colors of the environments will help to keep the kids senses engaged watching the wonderful baseball animations of the batting, pitching, and catching of the players as they play baseball. The details are pretty basic, with crowds that are blurry and characters faces that are all basically the same. They did add really nice lighting effects around the players as they play and colored effects with some of the special moves and boosts that add to the visual appeal of the game play.

Sounds in the Game (3 out of 5)

The sound track included with Little League World Series Baseball 2009 is lighthearted and upbeat, with nice electronic songs and up tempo kids songs that add energy to the game play and keep the senses of the players involved in the action. The sound effects are average, they didn’t include anymore than they had too in this area, but the ball meeting bat still sounds as nice as it should.

Playability (3 out of 5)

Little League World Series Baseball 2009 has a bright look and useful controls

Little League World Series Baseball 2009 is one of the more playable baseball simulations for the Wii. They went out of their way to add various elements to make it playable for gamers of different skill levels. They included a training mode for casual gamers to practice their baseball skills, several different difficulty levels, an auto fielding option to help the player throw to the right base, and you can even choose to turn off all the Talent meter and experience the traditional baseball experience without the extra powerful hits, pitches, throws, and catches.

They included a number of fun and enjoyable modes, including an Exhibition Mode, Tournament Mode, and Challenge Mode. The Tournament Mode includes the ability to earn points to increase individual or team attributes, play in the various stadiums, unlock all the extras, and is the real meat of this experience.

The controls worked well for the most part, but using the controls does require practice to learn the difference between the power swing and contact swing when batting. The pitching is gesture-based, you need to flick the wrist while holding a certain button on the controller to throw the pitch, and can add ball movement by twisting your wrist. But the pitching still uses a power meter and not the speed of your hand motions to determine the speed of the pitch.

The Final Word (3 out of 5)

_Little League World Series Baseball 2_009 isn’t as good a virtual baseball experience as Wii Sports Baseball but this fun arcade baseball game isn’t far behind. This is a wonderful game for kids that love baseball some of the basic strategies involved in the game and even do a bit of visualization. I recommend this game for baseball players below the age of twelve and casual gamer of all ages looking for an entertaining virtual-baseball game.