The Story of Ezio Auditore

The Story of Ezio Auditore
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Ezio Auditore; Young Florentine to Master Assassin

Ezio was born in Florence on June 24th, 1459 and was a Florentine noble youth who’s father worked as a banker and who’s mother owned a small bakery. He had an older brother named Federico, a younger one named Petrucchio and his sister Claudia, all of them were well off and lived the life of the Italian renaissance with luxury. Ezio himself being stubborn, a womanizer, and an overachiever. Desmond, the leading character of all the Assassin’s Creed games, gets a glimpse of Ezio’s life through the Animus machine, starting with when Ezio was 17 and his family was still very much alive.

1476 to 1480

Ezio looking over the city

Ezio lived a wholesome life until a conspiracy arose between the Pazzi family and Rodrigo Borgia an outsider Spaniard. They framed his father, Giovanni who was put behind bars by his own friend Uberto. Ezio arrived back home to find out that his home had been destroyed and the maid told him that his father was sent up into the prison. He went to speak to him through the bars, where his father told him to find a hidden chest back at the house which contained items Ezio would not fully understand yet.

The next morning Ezio wore the grab he found in the secret chest along with taking the documents which were written in an unknown language. He witnessed the public execution of his father and two brothers, swearing to get revenge on Uberto and all of those that were involved. He took refuge in a brothel where the madam taught him how to sneak around and be stealthy, since he was going against others who had been trained in the ways of the assassin. Taking his mother and sister, they parted from Florence and headed to Monteriggioni, after speaking to Leonardo da Vinci who fixed him a secret blade he could hide in his hand guard.

His uncle, Mario Auditore taught him the basics of fighting before he single handedly killed Vieri de Pazzi with his own hands. Vieri’s father however, devised a plot to kill off Lorenzo de Medici, so he once again headed to Florence to protect the ruler. Ezio Auditore had made a name for himself and was hired by Lorenzo to be his personal assassin, killing the Pazzi conspirators which lead Ezio to Jacopo de Pazzi outside of Tuscany.

1480 to 1486

Ezio and Leonardo

With Rodrigo Borgia heading to Venice, Ezio Auditore made that his next destination, first traveling with Leonardo by carriage to the industrial town of Forli. They both met with Caterina Sforza, who was stranded on a large rock in the lake. Ezio freed her and as reward, she gave the two a free trip to the city of Venice, making it easier for them to lay low. While in Venice, Ezio made it clear that his next target was Borgia’s right hand man, Emilio. He met up with a group of thieves who taught him how to climb larger buildings which was essential for his missions.

In 1484, after successfully killing off Emilio and learning of a new conspirator, Grimaldi, Ezio takes part in Leonardo’s flying invention and uses it to fly across the city of Venice and tackle Grimaldi from the highest building. In 1486, he went undercover at a carnival to pick off two others under the names of Dante and Silvio.

1486 to 1492

Ezio finding the Apple of Eden

During this time the plot thickens when Ezio assists Forli from Savonarola’s power and learns about how Rodrigo bribed his into becoming pope. He also learns that all the people who were involved in teaching him assassination skills were assassins themselves and accepted him into their order. With his new found membership into the brotherhood, the now 41 year old Ezio tracked down Borgia in Spain who had stolen the Apple of Eden, an artifact that was processed through the Animus machine and should have not entered the past. Coming face to face with Rodrigo, Ezio states that killing him would not bring back his family and he leaves the pope alive.

1500 to 1503

Ezio in 1500

Ezio Auditore, a now famed assassin heads to Rome after the killing of his uncle from an attack by the Borgia family. He finds himself wanting to free Rome from Borgia rule and he must assassinate Rodrigo and his corporeal son Cesare. He also finds himself fending off the French troops from entering Rome and rescuing Caterina Sforza from the Castel Saint Angelo, where Cesare had her imprisoned. Ezio realizes the Apple of Eden is in Cesare’s grasp, making the task that much more difficult, so he creates his own brotherhood.

1503 to 1507

Ezio and his assassins

Ezio finally has the upper hand over the Borgias for the last few years and meets with Machiavelli to discuss the next move which is going to the Castel to finish off the son and father. He witnesses the death of Rodrigo by a poisoned apple, given to him by Cesare, who escapes and heads for Viana in Spain. Before heading there he must also save Leonardo who has been taken hostage by a group of radicals. This is the ending point where Ezio assassinates him and retrieves the Apple of Eden, but it ends so suddenly that it makes room for more.

What’s Next for Ezio?

Ezio as a master assassin

Although many gaming icons have been around for decades, Ezio Auditore has only been around for a couple of years and has been recognizable by many people. With a tragic tale full of murder, love, and lies, he is on par with many characters that have been in historical novels. He will be featured in the game, Revelations, where he is in his 50’s and heads to Constantinople to find out the past of his ancestors. Although its arguable, Ezio’s development makes him a much more quality character to the series first protagonist, Altair. Hopefully both of them will get the endings that they deserve.