Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Trophy List

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Trophy List
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What’s the prize at the end of this Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Trophy List?

As with any PS3 video game with trophy support, there is one thing players are gaming toward when they embark on their quest to be awarded every trophy in the game – it is a Platinum trophy, which goes on a player’s PSN profile and also significantly increases their trophy level.

  • Julius Caeser(Platinum) – win every trophy in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

Story-Based Trophies

The following trophies are those which are based solely upon the story – they are awarded at the same time in every game as players progress through levels or “sequences” in the game. Story-based trophies for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood are as follows.

  • **_

    Technical Difficulties_**_(Bronze) –_ Attempt to access DNA Sequence 9 for the first time (and fail).

  • Battle Wounds (Silver) – Complete DNA Sequence 1.

  • Sanctuary! Sanctuary! (Bronze) – Find Ezio’s old manor and re-enter the Animus from there.

  • Rome in Ruins (Silver) – Complete DNA Sequence 2.

  • Fixer Upper (Silver) – Complete DNA Sequence 3.

  • Principessa in Another Costello (Silver) – Complete DNA Sequence 4.

  • Fundraiser (Silver) – Complete DNA Sequence 5.

  • Forget Paris (Silver) – Complete DNA Sequence 6.

  • Bloody Sunday (Silver) – Complete DNA Sequence 7.

  • Vittoria Agli Assassini (Silver) – Complete DND Sequence 8.

  • Requiescat in Pace (Bronze) – Complete DNA Sequence 9.

  • A Knife to the Heart (Gold) – Take back the Apple of Eden.

Mission Based Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Trophy List

The following list of trophies are not directly store-based ie they can be done in different orders to what is depicted here. However, most of them will still be completed on a normal play through of the game.

  • · Golden Boy (Bronze) – Discover the shrine at Terme di Traiano.

After this trophy is completed, the following five trophies become available, all centred around finding shrines cared for by the Followers of Romulus.

  • **_Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Trophy List

    Undertaker 2.0_** _(Silver) –_ Discover the shrine at the Catacombe di Roma

  • Gladiator (Silver) – Discover the shrine at the Colosseo.

  • Plumber (Silver) – Discover the shrine at Cloaca Maxima

  • One-Man Wrecking Crew (Silver) – Discover the shrine at Palazzo Laterano

  • Amen (Silver) – Discover the shrine at Basillica di San Pietro

A second set of similar trophies become available upon talking to Leonardo. He gives locations of machines he helped develop, and the player must destroy them.

  • Bang! (Bronze) – Destroy the machine gun in the mission Outgunned.
  • Splash (Bronze) – Destroy the naval cannon
  • Kaboom (Bronze) – Destroy the tank
  • Boom (Bronze) –Destroy the bomber

Other Single Player Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Trophies

There are also a number of Assassin’s Creed Trophies that players will have to consciously work towards during their game - if they don’t achieve what’s needed they simply miss out on the trophy. Luckily, most of these trophies are fairly straight forward to achieve.

  • **_Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Trophies

    Perfect Recall_** _(Bronze) -_ Achieve 100% in a sequence.

  • Deja Vu (Bronze) - Replay any memory.

  • Home Improvement (Bronze) - Improve five buildings in the Antico district.

  • Show Off (Bronze) - Complete 10 guild challenges.

  • Perfectionist (Bronze) - Achieve three gold medals in the Animus' virtual training environment.

  • Capture the Flag (Bronze) - Remove all of the Borgia flags in Rome.

  • Tower Offence (Bronze) - Burn down every Borgia tower in the game.

  • Brotherhood (Bronze) - Recruit three assassin’s into your guild.

  • In Memoriam (Bronze) - Collect all of the feathers in the game.

  • Serial Killer (Bronze) - Achieve an execution streak of ten.

  • Spring Cleaning (Bronze) - Kill a guard with a broom.

  • Your Wish is Granted (Bronze) - Throw money in a well.

  • Fly Like and Eagle (Bronze) - Use a parachute to jump from the top of Castle Sant’Angelo

  • The Gloves Come Off (Bronze) - Win the highest amount possible in a fight.

  • Mailer Daemon (Bronze) - Access your email in 2012.

  • Dust to Dust (Bronze) - Find an artifact in 2012.

Multiplayer Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Trophies

There is also a small selection of trophies awarded for completing tasks in the multiplayer portion of the game.

  • **_Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Trophies

    Synchronization Established_** _(Bronze) -_ Finish a match with at least one kill in multiplayer.

  • Needle in a Haystack (Bronze) - Kill your target while still hidden within a hay stack.

  • Strong Closer (Bronze) - Take the lead 10 seconds before the end of a match and win.

  • Fast Learner (Bronze) - Kill your target and escape from your pursuer in less then 10 seconds.

  • Role Model (Bronze) - Earn all of the co-op bonuses in one match.

  • Overachiever (Bronze) - Earn 750 points or more from one kill.

  • Abstergo Employee of the Month (Bronze) - Earn every bonus at least once.

  • Ahead of the Curve (Bronze) - a perform a double- or triple-escape.

  • Job Skils (Silver) - During an Open Conflict, kill your target and successfully escape.

  • Download Complete (Silver) - Read level 50 in multiplayer mode.

Upon receiving the last of these trophies, you will be rewarded with the platinum trophy for the game.