Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Fighting Guide - How to Assassinate Quickly

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Fighting Guide - How to Assassinate Quickly
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AC Brotherhood - Fight for Justice

In Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, fighting is a way of life. You’re whole purpose in this game is to kill a series of bad guys, and this fighting guide will help teach you how to do it more effectively. Much of the game depends on how quickly you can overcome groups of enemy opponents, so you don’t want to get tied up in a sword fight when you ought to be backstabbing with your hidden daggers.

Note: These tips are specifically for the PS3 version of the game, but the techniques are the same for the Xbox 360.

Assassination is the Key

You are an assassin. Your job is to kill people quickly and get out of there. Unless you are fighting a boss, you should be able to quickly dispatch guards and anyone else that steps up. Sure, you can have a bunch of weapons at your disposal, but it’s a waste of time to duke it out with a lowly guard. Your character, Ezio, has the ability to quickly kill opponents by pressing the square button to perform a one-shot assassination kill.

The key to making this work is to wait until the moment the opponent strikes, then press the square and take them out. It’s easier with some type guards than others, and sometimes you have to keep hitting the square before it works. If you are surrounded, make sure you push the thumbstick in the direction of the one you wish to hit, and keep an eye for which opponent is making a move.

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Kick ‘em Where it Hurts

When you are up against a heavily armored guard or one of the boss type characters, you’ll find them quite hard to hit. They either dodge or deflect your blow and the fights can go on for a while. When you encounter one of these tough guys, your best offense is to start kicking. It’s amazing how well they can dodge your assassin’s blades, but a kick to the groin gets them every time. During the fight, click on your target and hit the X button to kick over and over again. While they are doubled over, swing at them to do more damage. I was never able to pull off an assassination after a kick, but it still does damage and can help wear them down.

And They All Fall Down

Knowing how to swim was apparently not a job requirement to be a guard in this game, because they immediately drown if you knock them in the water. Likewise, they are unable to catch themselves if they fall from anything higher than two stories. Use this to your advantage when fighting on ledges or piers. If you can push a guard into the water or off a ledge, then you’ll get an instant kill and won’t have to fight them any more. This is especially helpful if you are being chased - just climb up to the nearest 2nd or 3rd floor rooftop then wait for the guards to climb up after you and shove them off. Just be careful not to fall off with them by pressing the attack button too many times and lunging over the edge.

How to Dismount Horse Soldiers

Mounted Soldier

Learning how to dismount horse-mounted soldiers during Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood combat will save you a lot of time, health points, and armor damage. These guys can ride up behind you and not only hit for massive damage, but knock you on the ground. There are many places in the game where you will have to deal with one or more mounted soldiers, and you need to take them out first if you want to succeed.

To dismount a horse soldier, change your weapon to a sword or hammer (something big) then press and hold R1 while they charge at you. This will knock the horse down and throw the rider, then you can pounce on them while they are down. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt the horse so you can steal it afterward. You can steal it and run away, too.

Another trick you can do is to steal the first horse, then jump from it to the back of the next mounted soldier. There’s a stable of sorts in one place in the game and you can jump from horse to horse and assassinate all the riders very quickly. It’s much easier than trying to dismount them and fight on the ground.

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Call for Backup

One new additions to this game is the ability to recruit and train your own personal army of assassins. Not only can they do missions for experience, money, and treasure, but they can also help you out in battle. You should take the time to recruit as many assassins as you can, then build them up using the dove nests found throughout the game. Visit the dove nest to get assassination contracts, then send your assassins out. Sometimes they will help to find items needed for shop quests, plus there is a PS3 trophy for getting on up to level 10.

Once you have your assassins trained, they can be called into battle to help fight off opponents, distract guards, or even use arrows to pick off enemies without you having to get near them. Having a fully trained army of assassins at your disposal will make some of the more difficult parts of the game much easier to get through.


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