The Best Arma II Addons and Mods

The Best Arma II Addons and Mods
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Arma II Addons

Arma II is one of the most detailed and intense military simulation games on PC today. Bohemia Interactive have been ploughing this furrow to great critical success since developing Operation Flashpoint in the early 2000s, and Arma II is the culmination of a decade of research and design. It has also attracted one of the most dedicated communities in all of PC gaming, and Bohemia always ship their games with a comprehensive suite of modding tools for users to expand their games. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the very best in Arma II addons and mods available today.

ACE2 - Advanced Combat Environment 2

As if Arma II wasn’t chillingly realistic enough, the modding team behind ACE2 have the goal of upping the realism level several notches. ACE2 is a highly detailed addon for Arma II, featuring a whole raft of real world weaponry, equipment and vehicles to play with in multiplayer, but the main aim is to encourage a new level of realism in gameplay and player tactics. ACE2 encourages and values genuine teamplay above all else - lone wolves will find themselves facing a messy and brutally quick end. Though this may sound intimidating to a new player, in fact the mod team and community are very supportive and helpful to even the casual online player, and have not lost sight of the fact that a multiplayer game should be an enjoyable experience first and foremost. The ACE2 website features a ton of information, tutorials and mission guides, and this one of the best supported mods in the Arma II community. Well worth your time if you’re a fan of realism in your multiplayer gaming.

Gossamer’s Warfare

Gossamer’s Warfare - Arma II Addon

Gossamer’s Warfare, the successor to the highly esteemed AWP Warfare mod, is an Arma II addon with a twist. It combines RTS gameplay with FPS action on the ground. In Gossamer’s Warfare, each opposing team has a designated Commander, for whom the game plays out like a military RTS: they can build bases and then research and upgrade them as the match progresses. Meanwhile, for the other players on the team, the game plays out in traditional FPS fashion, but they collect income for upgrades by capturing places of strategic interest. Dominate these strategic points and choke your enemy’s supply lines and you win. Many mods (and commercial games) have tried to pull off the RTS/FPS hybrid, but rarely has it worked as well as it does in this Arma II addon. Gossamer’s Warfare is also fully compatible with the new Arma II: Operation Arrowhead expansion.

Vietnam: The Experience

Vietnam The Experience - Arma II Addon

The Vietnam: The Experience addon has a long history with Bohemia Interactive’s military shooters, first appearing for the venerable Operation Flashpoint in the mid 2000s. The mod is still going strong and is now available for Arma II. Vietnam: The Experience recreates the jungle warfare of the late ’60s and early ’70s, and is an addon that has always emphasized smooth gameplay - this is one of the less demanding Arma II mods in terms of PC requirements. With its atmospheric settings and wide array of historically accurate units, Vietnam: The Experience is a great Arma II addon for those looking for some classic warfare moments. Remember to check out the mod’s forums for the latest updates.


These mods and addons for Arma II should provide more than enough entertainment for the devoted Arma II fanatic and student of multiplayer military warfare to get their teeth into, and with the active community support for the game, there will no doubt be plenty more original addons to come for the Arma series.