Best ArmA 2 Mods

Best ArmA 2 Mods
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What Can ArmA 2 Mods Change?

ArmA 2 is fairly easy to modify, and there are a huge number of things that can changed around with the game. These include things such as skin changes, which can take the form of higher resolution textures then those of the original release, but can also add different defence forces into the game, if the player feels like showing their patriotism and support for their nation’s defence forces. Also available for download are entire new campaigns and missions, with intricate scripts able to be made in the game’s mission editor, portraying a number of varying, and entirely new narratives to those of the original game.

Where Can ArmA 2 Mods Be Downloaded?

There are a few handy websites which feature ArmA 2 mods. When searching around for ArmA 2 mods sites, players should be looking for a site that features screenshots, information and rating for the modification. This allows player to verify the quality of a mod they are considering through viewing the visual quality, as well as seeing how other players rated them. is perhaps the most well know and widespread of the sites which feature ArmA 2 mods. It hosts a fairly varied amount of mods, with new units, weapons, scenarios and complete replacement mods.

The ArmA 2 Filefront page offers a selection of mods of different kinds, and features ratings for each file.

Best ArmA 2 Mods to Download - Maps & Scenarios

Scenarios and maps give the the game even better replayability as they give the player a new blank canvas to play with, and a new story to be worked through.

Rainy Fall is one of the highest rated campaigns. A fairly recent release, it tells the story of Russia’s revenge on the US, 2 years post-Chernarus.

Chest Puller is arguably the most popular addon campaign for ArmA 2. Essentially a parallel campaign to ArmA 2’s main one, players are able to do their part to free the country from the Chedaki regime.

Best ArmA 2 Mods to Download - Units, Weapons & Vehicles

ArmA 2 Mods - British 3rd Para

Units, weapons and vehicles is where ArmA 2 mods really get exciting, with replacement units available for quite a few different countries and defence forces, allowing players to represent different armies if they wish to. Replacement weapons and vehicles have different statistics, allowing players to try out new things for a challenge or to make things a little easier.

The British 3rd Para mod allows to play as the British 3rd Paratrooper Battalion, allowing players to act out a campaign as a paratrooper dropped in to Chernarus if they wish. The models and textures in the mod are also of a high quality.

ArmA 2 Mods - Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps

The Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps mod is the most popular file on Armaholic, with close to 100,000 hits since its release in early 2010. It adds a huge amount of different mercenary and special forces skins.

The Desert USMC Units mod is a simple reskin of the original USMC models with a Desert camouflage pattern, becoming more suitable for use in desert or arid missions.