Serious Gaming: Are There any Benefits of Playing Video Games?

Serious Gaming: Are There any Benefits of Playing Video Games?
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Serious Gaming: Not a Waste of Time But Constructive Entertainment

The gaming world is infected with a new fad nowadays - people addicted to playing games on the virtual world are not considering this as a waste of time, but as a form of a positive entertainment. There are various benefits of playing video games as they teach a player to be patient and hard working. While some prefer spending their entire life playing senseless, violent games, most people engage themselves in those games that help them tackle real life situations. Moreover, some games also have a health-benefit angle, thanks to revolutionary titles such as Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Fit.

PC Strategy games like Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, Populous and Civilization create a sense of

achievement as the gamer conquers enemy resources or defeats online rivals in intense skirmish battles. These games let you have a tactical and strategic approach in building resources, creating units and ultimately employing them tactically to capture your opponent’s territory and resources. Tactical First Person Shooters such as Hitman, Delta force, Brothers in Arms transports us to a virtual battleground or a crime-filled city, which is completely different from the everyday lives we lead. Of course, these games are filled with violence, but they still have a strategic edge over those mindless hack-and-slash titles, which are undoubtedly a waste of time. Military-simulation games like America’s Army or ARMA have inspired the youth to join military academies.

Benefits of Playing Video Games - From Car Racing to Online Puzzle Games

A Screen Shot from Bejeweled 2 by PopCap games

Car racing enthusiasts love playing virtual racing games as it helps them to be safe and error-free from driving real life cars. Most of them have successfully tried to avoid accidents, thanks to virtual racing games like GTR Evolution. Online social games such as Sims 2, Zetapets and Second Life have helped many depressed and lonely individuals by providing virtual pets, own virtual property and interact with different people.

Earlier, newspaper numeric puzzles and crosswords helped people to scratch their grey cells for hours. Those have been replaced by online puzzle games. Games like Mystery Case files and Bejeweled encourage players use their brains to solve colorful puzzles. According to experts, we can keep the grey matter in our brains young by solving puzzles, mysteries and plotting strategies. Online puzzle games encourages us to use our grey cells, which in turn helps us to have better hand-eye coordination.

Playing action video games encourages unnecessary violence and can turn gamers into a living zombie. Serious gamers often get addicted to an imaginary world filled with monsters, gun-toting enemies and unreal settings different from real life.

However, gaming has also been considered as a money-making business. You will find several game-testers earning big bucks while playing and evaluating games in the beta phase. Serious video game competitions are held every year, which lets gamers win prize money while playing their favorite titles.

The debate on whether there are benefits of playing video games may not come to an early conclusion, especially when we have more violent games than games developed for our wellbeing. But, the entertainment aspect in gaming will never die for sure!