Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Preventing Sergei Surkov's Escape

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Preventing Sergei Surkov's Escape
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This quick end to the Moscow level shouldn’t be too hard for combat players. It’s basically just two main encounters and a boss fight. That’s only if you refuse Sergei’s offer too. It may just be a five minute mission. It is possible to get past all the guards in the front area for the stealth achievements. This does require you to take Sergei’s offer though, since refusing it triggers an unavoidable fight. Stealth players will need to be ready for a fair bit of fighting though. You definitely need an assault rifle or an SMG for the boss fight with Championchik and also the unavoidable battle at the end.

Intel is pretty simple for this one. A map won’t help much. I suggest that you just buy the dossier information on Sergei’s guards and also the information on the valuable files. Once again, that’s just an investment. You’ll get it back if you plan to go through the entire level. Skip it if you’re going to ally with Segei though.

Finding Sergei Surkov

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Moscow - Preventing Surkov’s Escape - Sergei’s Men

This is potentially a quick mission. Go inside and hack the secretary’s computer for information on Championchik. Then hack the keypad and watch for the guard in the nearby hallway. Wait for him to approach your door and eventually turn back around. Take him down by shadowing him. Look into the large room through the window and shoot the patrolling guard in the head. Move further up and pop another guard as he stands alone in the little break room. You can basically just repeat this pattern as you move on up to the higher ground ahead. If you haven’t triggered the guards yet, then it’s just a matter of stealth shooting. If you did, then just camp out in this little break room and wait for them to come. It’s a great killzone, since they have to run down a narrow path to get you.

Sergei Surkov will actually stop and talk to you once you reach the objective. If you choose to ally with him, then the level is over. This is actually just for story purposes. You can get the Intel regardless. It’s just up to you whether you want to help Sergei or not.

If not, you’ll have to fight Championik and do a little more investigation.

Preventing Surkov’s Escape

If you decide against taking Surkov’s deal, then you need to get ready for a battle. Championchik will rush you and a bunch of his elite guards will take up positions and open fire. Championchik isn’t actually that tough though. He’ll try to punch you a lot, but if you survived Brayko, then you can survive him. He’s really vulnerable to standard weapons, so just keep firing at point blank range. If you have weapons abilities, then use them. Note that a martial arts expert can quite easily just beat him up. I had no trouble with it. Just try to take him out and then get behind cover.

The men aren’t anything too special. They’re already alerted though, so you’ll need to just find some cover and keep shooting. Clear them out one at a time and try to stay behind cover. Once the way is clear, go through the side offices. You can hack a few computers and safes and grab a whole lot of cash and some Halbech Intel. You’ll also pick up the required Molotek and Halbech connection Intel.

Once you go out the office door, you’ll catch Sergei Surkov as he runs to the helicopter. You can just intimidate him to make him give you the information in exchange for his life. You can also just finish him off if you want. If Brayko is alive, then you can even call him in to make it a very painful death. It’s really all up to you though. It’s just important for story purposes.