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    • Alan Wake - Finding The Eleven Radio Shows In Alan Wake
      There are numerous different collectables in Alan Wake, with both the TV shows & Radio Shows providing the most amount of additional content. This article provides a guide to finding the 11 radio shows in the game and obtain the achivement for completing the act.
    • Alan Wake - Guide To Coffee Thermos Locations Part One
      The coffeee thermos are collectable items the player can obtain over the course of Alan Wake's single player story. With 100 of them to collect, there is plenty of room for error. This article provides the first part of a guide to collecting them all.
    • Alan Wake Sequel - Things To Expect If A Second Alan Wake Is Released
      With the recent news about a new Alan Wake project coming from Remedy, it is only right that we theorise some of the things an Alan Wake sequel can do thematically and narratively. This article tries to provide an outline on some of the things a sequel may include.
    • Alan Wake - Information On The Game's Soundtrack
      As with many other video games, Alan Wake's soundtrack is an important cog in the mechanics of the game as a whole. This article provides information on the contents of the soundtrack and other musical elements found in the TV series presentation of the main game.
    • Alan Wake - Details On The Story Within A Story Within A Story
      The Alan Wake story shares many comparisons to the best and worst kinds of self-aware fiction. Not only does it present a post-modernist narrative but it strings it together with hammy dialogue, horror cliches and fantastical elements. Read on for a summary on what makes the story so enjoyable.
    • Alan Wake - How To Unlock The Gunless Wonder Achievement
      The Gunless Wonder achievement is one of the more difficult in Alan Wake. Players have to traverse almost all of the game's six episodes without firing a single weapon, only being able to use their torch, flares or the handy flashbangs for protection. This article provides a guide on how to do this.
    • Alan Wake - An Analysis of The Ending
      There are plenty talking points when it comes to the ending of Alan Wake. This article details some of the varied and often different opinions on what happened during the final episode of the game, as well as how it impacts future DLC & sequels for the series.
    • Alan Wake - Unlocking Child of The Elder God Achievement Guide
      The Child of The Elder God achievement is one of the 50 obtainable unlocks players can work through during the events of Alan Wake. Surviving the Anderson Farm standoff nets the achievement, but only after a certain condition is met. This article guides players through unlocking this achievement.
    • Alan Wake - Walkthrough & Guide To The Writer DLC
      The second of two currently planned & released DLC packages for Alan Wake, The Writer continues on from the ending to the main game, with Alan trapped in a dream world controlled or at least influenced by the dark presence. Read on for more about The Writer DLC in Alan Wake.
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