Conqueror Character Class Feats - Feat Builds for a Conqueror in Age of Conan

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Feats That Conquerors Can Learn

Another thing that is granted while leveling up is points for what are called “feats”. These are like the “talent” systems in other MMO/MMORPG games. Each different class has their own tree of skills that can be learned. These can add new skills to already learned ones, or even make the ones that you have already learned better.

For example, Conquerors have a feat called “Overcome the Odds” which is helpful when you are attacking larger groups of mobs as it increases the defense rating of the character while being ganged up on by multiple mobs. When it comes to the Conqueror, there are several different feats that you can earn and use throughout the game. Here is a list of all the feats that Conquerors have access to as they progress through the game, and what each does to help you:

Recovery – This increases the rate of health regeneration both in and out of combat.

Improved Frenzy Stance – This increases the damage multiplier that is obtained from using your Frenzy Stance.

Lacerate – This gives all of your secondary attacks a chance to inflict bleed on your target.

Secondary Laceration – This increases Lacerate’s change of landing bleed on your target.

Annihilate – This grants the ability that will greatly enhance the chance of the next combo having a major critical strike.

Fierce Opening – This increases the initial damage done by all the combos that you have.

Offhand Precision – This increases the chance of hitting a target with an offhand weapon.

Defiance – This allows you to heal all of your group members but it can only be used while Furious Inspiration is active.

Rend and Tear – This increases the damage caused by Bloodbath combos.

Guardsman Feint – This causes you to gain an increased invulnerability rating for a short time when you use Feint combos.

Lumbering Hulk – Temporarily increases the life regeneration and damage inflicted but it does slow down movement at the same time.

Two-Handed master – This increases the damage done by all of your two-handed weapons.

Iron Skin – This increases the physical resists, as well as increasing your defense.

Surging Health – This gives the change of gaining a surge of health when you are physically hit by a mob while you’re in Defensive Stance.

Goad – This is great for group play, as it makes the target attack you instead of others in your party.

Power Counter Strike – This increases the damage that is done by all of the Guard of Dancing Steel combos.

Deep Wounds – This adds a great chance of inflicting bleed on targets with any attack you choose.

Improved Lumbering Hulk – This increases the rate of life regeneration and any damage done by attacks.

Burst of Aggression – This gives you the ability to knock down the target and cause them to only attack you.

These are some of the major feats that Conquerors can learn in the game. As the game expands, more feats will be added. Other classes will have different feats that they can learn as well to help them through the game.