How To Play Age Of Conan - Game Interface Basics in Age of Conan - Part 1

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Easy To Learn

When it comes to the game interface, it might look a bit familiar to other games that you might have played. And, for those that have not played any other popular MMO/MMORPG games, then it will look completely foreign to you and might be overwhelming. So, let’s go through the interface so you’ll be familiar with where everything is and how it works to help you.

Start by looking up at the top right of the game screen. There is a circle there that looks like a compass, this is your mini map. It shows your location, which way your toon is facing, NPC’s close to you, and a guidance icon (usually an “X”) that will tell you where to head for your current quest.

Your mini map will show you a few different things when it comes to NPC’s. It will also show you NPC’s with a “!” over their head, which means that they have a quest for you. The color of the “!” will tell you if you can get the quest or not, if it is gray, then you cannot get the quest yet and will have to come back later at a higher level. Your mini map will also show you NPC’s with “?” over their heads. This means that you need to speak to them because one of your current quests requires that you talk to them, you have already completed the quest, or they are the next step in a quest.

If you cannot see your mini map well, you can click on the “+” at the bottom of it. This will zoom the map in closer to you. You can also press the “-” and zoom the map out for a larger look at the area. You will also see a day and night icon at the top of the map, a sun and a moon. This will allow you to see if you are in a single player or multi player mode. Day time means that you are in a multi player mode, and night means that you are in a single player mode. To switch between single and multi player modes, you must head into the Thirsty Dog Inn and speak with Tina. When in single player mode, you will be able to talk to other players, but you won’t be able to see them or work together.

Below the day and night icons, you will see a list of text if you are currently on a quest. The bigger text represents the quest name and the smaller text explains the goal of the quest. The orange part will tell you what your current goal is, and the gray part will tell you what you have not done yet. This will help you know in advance what your next step should be.

At the top of your in-game screen, in the middle, you’ll see four icons. These represent your inventory, combos, skills, and attributes. You can use these to get an in-depth view of your toon, as well as your quests. By using the attributes menu, you can also add points that you gain from leveling into areas such as hiding and climbing.

At the bottom of the screen, on the right side, you will see ten different hot bar slots that are all numbered 0-9. You can place your combos and skills on these hot bar slots so that you can have easier access to them in the game. You simply open your skills and combos menus, hold down the left mouse button, and drag the skill you want to the space on the hot bar you would like it to go. Once they are set on the hot bar, you can easily click them or use the numbered key on your keyboard to use that skill or combo.

In the second part of this article, we’ll go through the remaining areas of the interface in Age of Conan so that you can learn some of the finer points to help control your toon easier.