Free Age Of Conan Tempest of Set Guide - Strategy

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Unleash The Storms of Set

The Tempest of Set runs the pace of combat for their party, keeping everyone alive and buffed while pumping out a good level of damage to many foes, occasionally tossing out a stun or root to impair the mobility of select enemies. They’re not a good class for people who prefer to only focus on one thing at once - they require the ability to focus on many targets simultaneously while watching the health bars of your friends. Luckily, most of the Tempest of Set’s special abilities affect entire groups, so it’s not completely overwhelming to manage the many abilities of the class.

Multiple Tempests of Set make for a powerful group in both PvP and PvE. There’s a good reason why they were considered so overpowered at launch! Although they only wear light armor, the Degredation of Set debuff first available at level 15 greatly increases the amount of lightning damage taken by a group of enemies. The more Tempests of Set, the more damage that this debuff will enable them to pump out for the same amount of mana. All the while, the rest of the Tempests are healing the group while ticking off mana regeneration and the occasional heal. That’s not a bad setup.

In general, Tempests of Set synergize better with mages, other priests and rogues. Their crowd control ability is particularly useful for more ranged-heavy parties, as they only have some stuns, and most of their crowd control spells involve immobilization.

Unfortunately, Tempests of Set are rather mediocre PvP healers. Life of Set, their primary area of effect healing ability, only affects the Tempest and the allies in front of them in a small cone. In PvP, people are generally moving all the time, making it tough to catch everyone in the effect - and in any case, piling everyone together in one space if just begging to have an area of effect spell dumped on your party. Healing Lotus, which puts a heal over time on the entire party, works well to provide your group with a small boost, but won’t do much against heavy burst damage. Vitalizing Jolt is a great emergency heal for the entire party, but the long cooldown and high mana cost reduce its overall utility.