Free Age Of Conan: Tempest of Set Class Guide - The Basics and Feats

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The Tempest of Set

The Tempest of Set is a priest class primarily focused on area of effect abilities. They can let loose with a healing storm that affects their entire group or an area or unleash the powers of lightning upon their enemies, frying entire armies with magical electricity. The Tempest of Set also has many crowd control abilities like stuns and roots that they can use to manage the flow of the battlefield. Most of their spell abilities also have health or mana regenerative effects on their party, helping to increase the longevity of their allies while smiting their foes.

Their mix of abilities makes them ideal for PvP, as they can shift their role depending on the needs of the battle. Their offensive abilities are slightly more useful in PvE, as you can’t always count on players to bunch up together for you to let loose with an area of effect spell.

Only Stygians can become Tempests of Set. They use light or cloth armor and shields and can choose between most weapon types - although they will rarely use them, instead focusing primarily on their spells.

Tempest of Set Skills and Feats

As a Tempest of Set, it’s actually rather difficult and somewhat confusing to pick which feat tree to specialize in. Thunder focuses more on support abilities and buffing, but there are a lot of interesting utility damage and crowd control spells in the mix as well. Lightning has more powerful area of effect abilities, but it’s interspersed with regeneration bonuses, party buffs and more. Higher tier lightning abilities like Puppet cause area of effect confuse status ailments on enemy targets. Serpent Transmutation, the top spell in the thunder tree, makes it so that most damage incoming to the Tempest of Set during the spell’s effect heals them instead of doing damage - very powerful in PvP, as the Tempest can then continue to heal their party even if they are focus-fired by an opposing raiding party.

A Tempest of Set should not neglect their priest abilities, either - some abilities, like Exemplar, which boosts all melee, lightning and holy damage, scale well with gear.