Age of Conan Free Bear Shaman Class Strategy Guide

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Bear Shaman Strategies

This is a unique class in that you have to know it to play it well - but you can only learn it well by playing it. But, have no fear. You can learn enough about this class to be able to start playing well and build your skills and knowledge up.

First thing, remember that this class can use medium armor and use it, use it, use it. It doesn’t matter which type of play you prefer (PvP or PvE) or what group you’re in or where you are. By using the highest armor you can for your level, you will be able to ward off some of those defensive areas that might be lower than others on your toon. Since your mana isn’t always that high, you want to take advantage of any armor buffs that you can find here as well, as this will help you in battle.

When it comes to weapons, you want to pair a one-handed blunt with a shield always. While the two-handed will do a bit more damage, you need that extra defense that the shield will give you on top of your armor. With a shield, you’ll be able to take some damage while you deal it and healing spells out.

Next, when you’re in a group where you have a main tank or damage dealers, you want to try to switch to cloth armor that will give you mana buffs. Again - this goes back to the low mana pool that you have to begin with. And, if you are the healer or support person in the group, you need all the mana you can get. So, you want to always have a good set of cloth armor with you that you can wear to help you out in this situation. Personally, I keep a set of cloth and a set of medium armor on me at all times just for this reason. That way, I can use the cloth when I need the mana or healing buffs and use the other when I need the defense (such as for soloing).

And, you need to keep in mind that no matter what type of group you are in, you aren’t really supposed to be the main healer for the group. You should be a support and damage dealer. But, if there are no other healers around or in the group, you will be expected to be the main healer. So, you need to be sure that you know how to heal, how to switch from group member to member, and how to ensure that everyone stays alive in a pinch. You will end up with a ton of action during a fight, but it will be worth it in the end.