Priest of Mithra Class Guide - Free Strategies for this Healing Class

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Priest of Mithra Strategies

It doesn’t matter if you prefer PvP or PvE, and it doesn’t matter which weapons you have in your bag currently - the best weapon for this class is a dagger. Here is why: daggers have a very high critical attack rate than any other weapon simply by default in the game. But, you should also always keep a thrown weapon on you, no matter if the level is lower or not. This is a great way to kite mobs to your group or to be able to kill them better without taking as much damage. You can also root enemies and then use your thrown weapon on them to help knock their health down quickly.

Now, in a group, you’ll almost always be the healer. This is just a fact when you choose this class. The good thing is that you will never have trouble finding a group! But, you also want to be able to throw out Smites while you’re healing as well because this can help your group too. You need to practice this, as you want to be able to heal and Smite without draining all of your mana at once. As you solo through the game, you’ll find that Smite is your main spell that you’ll use to pull mobs. If used correctly, you’ll be able to heal yourself while the mob is heading your way, or throw a weapon at them.

As long as you take the time to get a rhythm down with your healing and spell casting, you will find that as you progress through the game, you will become more proficient and better at playing the Priest of Mithra. And, by knowing how to play this class well, you will never find yourself searching for a group as people will remember you and always be inviting you to play. Just remember that any class takes time to learn, and if you aren’t used to a healing/support class, then you need a bit longer on the learning curve. So, take your time, play with your feats and skills and abilities. Learn which work best for you in which situations. Don’t get discouraged and drop this toon just because you aren’t familiar with it yet. The Priest of Mithra is a great class to play and an invaluable one at that.