Free Age of Conan Priest of Mithra Class Guide: Basics and Feats

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Priest of Mithra

While the Priest of Mithra is only available to the Aquilonians, it is an extremely important class to play. Why? Well, because this is simply the strongest healing class in the game, and they still have the abilities to deal some massive damage to mobs and enemies (just like a paladin in other games) - which makes them a great solo class. And, since they are able to carry any type of weapon in the game, and aren’t limited to just a few (like in other classes), you can easily play this class even if you aren’t used to playing a healer in game.

Since the Priest of Mithra can use any type of weapon in the game, it’s only natural that they are proficient in all of the weapon types as well. So, when you play this class, you’ll be able to train on one-handed edged or blunt weapons, two-handed edged or blunt weapons, crossbows, bows, daggers, and thrown weapons. This is great since you can then pick up anything and use it.

Now, keep in mind that this class is not a tank class, even though they can use any type of weapon in the game. The main goal of this class is healing their allies and using their holy spells to attack mobs. For this reason, you pretty much have a limited range of armor that you can wear. Cloth and light armor are the only types you can wear, but you do have the ability to use sheilds as well. So, this will help your defense rating. Even though you can only wear cloth and light armor, the cloth armor is actually the better way to go as you’ll find these pieces will normally have buffs for healing or mana use on them.

Priest Skills and Feats

Even though you can deal some great damage as a Priest of Mithra, it won’t be your main goal. Yes, you will be helping out now and then in battle and in your group, but you should place your feat points into defense and especially into healing powers. These will help you the most since this class is a healing/support class first. You should not even bother with offensive feats in the beginning of your game play, but you can start acquiring them later on in the game.

Now, you want to rotate picking up your healing and defensive skills when you are purchasing them with your points. This way, you will always be balancing out your skill set and be able to heal well, and still defend yourself. It will also make your healing more proficient and will help with the mana drain that your healing spells do as well. You want to be able to keep your allies alive longer so that they can kill the mobs before they get to you. By keeping your allies alive longer, you will also give yourself more time to resurrect anyone that falls in battle as well. Knowing how to do this well can mean the difference in a successful raid or quest, or failure.

As you spend your feat points, you’ll find along the way that there are some nukes that will help you as well. One of the main ones that you want to pick up is Searing Light. This is one that will help you heal your group and attack the mobs around them at the same time. Other nukes will offer you special attributes, like adding mana faster or healing buffs. So, when you can, grab up a few of these as well.