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Treasure of the Ancients - Overview

In the Eastern part of the Province of Khopshef, on the outskirts of the Pyramid of the Ancients lies the Treasury of the Ancients, one of the smallest dungeon in Age of Conan. Though small, it can also be one of the most difficult if your character is low level as the monsters are level 38 to level 40. The objectives of the scenario are to obtain the Queen’s head, and get the Archaic Sculptures of Anger, Disgust, Happiness, Sadness and Fear.

The second sets of objectives are to help an “old friend” from King Conan named Thutmekri and help lift his curse. The third set of objectives is related to the second one - you need to help Thutmekri again but this time he will ask for a barrel of Ale from the Alekeep in Caravanseral. The last objective in the Treasury of the Ancients quest is to defeat Thutmekri at his own game.

Before the Queen are the Living Statues

When you enter to the Dungeon for the very first time, the first feature you will see is a really long hallway filled with 20 statues. While you walk down the long hallway you will hear a strange noise. As it turns out that noise is coming from the statues as they are waking up and preparing to attack you. However, they won’t actually do anything until you return to the entrance/exit point.

When you reach the end of the hallway an invisible force will block you from entering the Boss lair. Theres really nothing you can do about that, so you have to return to the entrance/exit point only to find that entrance has been blocked by two of the statues. Now it is time to fight the twenty of them.

All the statues are level 38 and they use three main attacks: Electrical Spells, Fire Spells and Physical Attacks. Most of the statues will only actually use one of these, but you must be prepared for all three. There are different tactics against the statues. In my case, I used a series of melee attacks to fight them, but the best strategy is going to be one that suits your particular class and plays on your avatar’s strengths.

As soon you defeat them the invisible force will disappear and you will have access to the Archaic Queen chamber. Remember, some of the statues will drop heads in the floor. Pick up those heads as they are the Archaic Sculptures that were mentioned earlier.

The Queen Chamber

The Archaic Queen is probably the most annoying battle you will face in the entire game. She is one of the tallest bosses but at the same time one of the weakest. The Queen may be weak as far as hit points and attacks are concerned, but she has one of the strongest healing spells in the entire game. She can regain more than a quarter of her life status in a couple of seconds.

The attacks that the Queen uses are Lighting spells and Summoning. Those techniques will help her while she recovers from any injury. One of her abilities that you should beware of is the Summoning. She will summon level 38 minions that look a lot like the previous statues you fought, only they are weaker and their purpouse is to distract you while the Queen heals.

When you defeat the Queen you will get the Queen’s head, but don’t go out of the Queen chamber. Explore a little and you will find the next part of the Treasury of the Ancients quest.

The Thutmekri Lust

After you finish with the Archaic Queen explore a little the same room and you will find a strange “fellow”, a skeleton-like creature named Thutmekri. Thutmekri claims to be an old friend of King Conan. He offers you a great deal of loot if you release him from his curse, but in order to release Thutmekri from his “problem” you have to kill three individuals that are located in the west and south west of the Khopshef Province.

The first individual that you need to fight is Min-Tep (the coordinates are 606° - 569°). Min-tep attacks mostly with melee attacks but beware as his attacks diminish the power of your attacks. The best strategy is to use close-up attacks as slash since his defense is really low. After you defeat Min-tep go to the 220° – 166° to your next fight.

Krellos is near the Lotus Swamp Entrance. Of all the three bounties, Krellos is the most difficult to kill as his attacks will prevent you from approaching to him. I don’t recommend a close range strategy with Krellos since it can be difficult to even get there. My strategy was simple: Fire against fire. One of the best attacks to use against Krellos are fire powers since they are effective at a medium range. Another strategy that can be used if you don’t want to approach to Krellos too much are wind attacks, but remember that wind attacks tend to be more defensive than offensive.

The third and last bad guy, Derekhar, is located in the southern area of the Oasis Swamp. He isn’t very difficult but fights very offensively, so kill him before he kills you. After you finish with the bad guys you need to return to Thutmekri to claim your bounty, but now be prepared for a twist. As it happens, the three “bad guys” you had to kill where only people that Thutmekri owed money. Worse yet, he is not going to give the loot he promised. However, don’t try to kill him yet as he will reveal the he is immortal because of a cursed stone that he has in his stomach. In order to get the treasure you need to do a few other things before completing this quest.

The Quest of the Alekeep

After a small argument with Thutmekri about your loot, he will say that you can bring him some ale to cease his thirst in exchange of your rewards. To get some ale, the first clue you have is to go to Caravanseral (located at 645° – 601°) where you need to find the Alekeep.

The Alekeep will give you the barrel of ale, but he is also going to give you a few hints about the method to defeat Thutmekri. The advice that the Alekeep gives is to find the Bitterpurge herb and mix it with the ale he is going to give to you.

Get the BitterPurge and Defeat Thutmekri

The Bitterpurge is an herb that acts like a laxative - it will clean any intestine in the blink of an eye, and is the element that will help you defeat Thutmekri. The Bitterpurge is located in the Southern Oasis. The most common location is in the south of the territory. The item may show up in many different areas, but the most common site is south of the oasis.

You won’t have any problems searching for the herb, just be careful of the alligators and everything will be ok. As soon you obtain the Bitterpurge, mix it with the ale as the Alekeep said, and you will have your weapon of victory. Now, you need to return to the Treasury of the Ancients and give it to Thutmekri.

When you return to the dungeon, Thutmekri will ask for his drink. Give it to him right away and as soon as he drinks it he will purge the gem that made him immortal. The battle with Thutmekri is really easy - he doesn’t have a high status and he doesn’t have any major magical attacks. After a few slashes he will be dust. When you defeat him, two keys will pop from his bones. Pick them up and go to the Queen’s Chamber. In the chamber there are two chests. You need to use the keys to get the treasures and your reward.