Attributes and Abilities in Age of Conan

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Just about any MMO game out there today has attributes, which are normally your toon’s base stats. The are things like your strength, intelligence, dexterity, and constitution. In AoC, you will find them as well. There are 5 attributes here in Age of Conan that you’ll need to worry about: your wisdom, your intelligence, your constitution, your dexterity, and your strength.

Wisdom: This is mainly for healers and other heavy magic users where the higher your wisdom is, the higher your max magic points are and the higher your magic rating is. So, for anyone in a heavy magic using class, like healers and DPS, you will want to make sure that you use items and skills that will help this rating as much as possible.

Intelligence: This is mainly for mages in game, but does help out other magic using classes as well. This attirbute will increase your magic attack power, or the damage that you can do, and adds onto your max magic points. So, for those mages and other magic users that need to deal massive damage with their spells, this is the way you need to go.

Constitution: This is your overall health and everyone will need to keep an eye on this one. For those that have lower health points to start off with, you will want to constantly find ways that you can up this rating as much as possible, either with armor or spells or skills.

Dexterity: This is how well you are able to defend yourself in game. But, for those classes who use daggers and bows, this will also help your attack power and allow you to shoot or attack faster.

Strength: This one is your attack power and how much damage you can do. For those tanking classes, this is the main one that you’ll want to keep building up as high as physically possible. By having as much strength as possible for your level, you will be able to end fights quicker.


Abilities are special skills that you can use in game to help during battles. As you up your levels in game, you will be able to up these abilities as well as they automatically will appear as you hit certain levels. When you gain a new ability, you’ll get a message on your screen that says so, which will allow you to load it on your hot bar or use it however you choose. If you have a free spot on your hot bar, the new ability will automatically be added into that spot. And, when you hit these specific levels, you will notice that your attack stances or defense stances will automatically up and will be added to your hot bar if there are spots available as well.

The bottom line is that you will always want to keep an eye on these as well and make sure that you have the right one available to you when you need them in battle by placing them on the hot bar for easy use.