Age of Conan Interface Basics

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The Interface

Just like every other MMO game out there, you will also have to learn the basics of the interface in AoC if you want to be able to control your character with ease and skill. But, when you first take a look at the interface in AoC, it can seem a bit hard to master. Don’t worry though, this article will give you all the tips and tricks that you need to know to master the interface and play like a pro.

The Mini Map

The mini map is in the same area that 90% of the other MMO games put theirs, in the upper right hand corner. By using the mini map, you’ll easily find your way through the game world and you will also be able to find quests and turn them in, by using the symbols “!” and “?”, just like in other popular MMO games that are currently on the market. You can scroll your mini map in and out to adjust it just how you prefer to help get you a clear view of your surroundings. And, you’ll even find a “night” or “day” symbol by the map, which will tell you if you are in the multi-player mode (day time) or the single or group play mode (night time). You basically use the mini map just like most of the other MMO games out there on the market today, as it’s very similar to the one in WoW.

The Top of Your Game Screen

Toward the top of your game screen, you’ll see four icons. These are for your inventory, your attributes, your skills or combos, and your quests. Make sure that you use these icons when you need them, as they can make your game play much easier throughout your time in game.

You will also find three head icons here on the top of your screen as well. These represent your friends, your guild, and for joining mini-pvp battles.

The Bottom of Your Game Screen

The bottom of your game screen is where you’ll find your hot bars, which is where you can store your actions for easier use. The hot bar has 10 slots that you can use at one time, which can sometimes be a pain when you have more than ten items that you want to put on the bar. To place an item on the hot bar, simply open up your skill icon and then left click and hold the skill or combo that you want to put on the hot bar and drag it to the desired place.

Above the hot bar, you’ll see a line of text and a bar below it. This is when you are looking at or talking to a mob or NPC. For example, you simply have to target the mob and you will see their health points on the bar. This is a great way to find out if you should attack, or run like everything to get out of there.

To the left of this bar, you’ll notice that there is a circle icon that will pop up every now and then. This will let you do certain actions. Normally you’ll see this when you have targeted another player, and the icon will give you a couple of different options, such as trading, asking them to join a party, or chatting.

On the very bottom of the game play screen, you’ll see a yellow bar. This is your xp bar, or experience bar, and it will tell you how far you have to go to get to the next level in the game. You can also mouse over this bar and see just how much experience you currently have and how much you have to go to level in numbers above the bar.

The Left Side of Your Game Screen

On the left side of your game screen, you’ll see a bar with six boxes on it. This is like the hot bar, but for items that you have in your inventory. You can put potions here, special quest items, and more so that you can get to them quickly when you need them.

Above this bar, you’ll see two different colored lines. These are for your health and your stamina. For those magic using classes, you’ll see a third bar that is for your mana. You always want to keep an eye on these in battle so you will know when to retreat or when to stay.

Above this, you’ll find the chat box that will allow you to talk to other players in game. You can simply right click to access all of the different options for the chat.


Now that you know all of the icons and bars on the game interface, you can easily use them to your advantage in game. Have fun playing around with your hot bars and finding out new and interesting things that you can do with your interface.